Should Kids Avoid This Kind of Milk?


  • A panel of experts found plant-based milks, such as rice, nut and seed milk, or milk made from oats or peas, should be avoided by young children
  • For infants aged zero to 12 months, the panel stated plant milks are not recommended; for those aged 1 to 5 years, plant milks were also not recommended for exclusive consumption in place of dairy milk
  • One major problem with plant milks, particularly if you’re giving it to a child as a significant portion of their diet, is that they don’t offer much nutrition and may contain added sugar and unhealthy additives
  • From zero to 6 months, infants need only breastmilk; at 6 to 12 months, breastmilk along with a small amount of pure water (one-half cup to 1 cup a day) can be given
  • For those older than 12 months, the panel recommended a combination of pure water and milk — raw grass fed milk is the best choice, but you can also obtain all of the nutrients found in milk via other whole foods

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