Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex Is World’s Greatest Threat


  • The pandemic virus industrial complex — a term invented by Jonathan Latham, Ph.D. — is an interlocking set of corporations and other institutions who feed off and support each other with goods and services in a self-reinforcing way. It is an enterprise that leverages public money for private profit
  • It includes philanthropic organizations that act as string-pullers, influencers and profit centers, the Defense Department, which is both a cash cow and a provocateur, academics, who provide public relations, and academic nonprofits that act as money launderers
  • The pandemic virus industrial complex is expected to be beneficial and transparent. As such, it has an image of respectability that must be maintained, which is why academics and philanthropic and nonprofit organizations play such important roles in this scheme. Together, they help obscure the real agenda under a veneer of respectability and public good
  • One of the latest propaganda tactics employed in an effort to shape public opinion and discourage inquisitiveness is to accuse all inquiries of being “anti-science”
  • When dangerous science has the potential to wipe out mankind, it is cause for concern among thinking individuals of all political persuasions. It’s not anti-science. It’s anti-recklessness, and to prevent another disaster, those responsible must be held to account for their actions

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