Pull Up Self-Sabotage by the Roots

What is self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage is a term we throw around a lot . We know what it is in a general sense or when we see someone doing it. But what is it really?

When we talk about self-sabotage, we are talking about getting in our own way. It’s not something someone else is doing. We are doing things ourselves that cause the problems that bother us so much. It might be as simple as eating more than one cookie when we are on a diet to choosing the absolutely wrong partner over and over. Continue reading

Tracking TBI – How the NFL Wants A Piece of the Action

The Army is putting sensors into soldier helmets to measure the impact of concussive events. The information gathered can further the Army’s understanding of traumatic brain injury. Now, the National Football League wants to do the same thing with the helmets of football players. (Photo provided by PEO Solider) Continue reading

Time to Spring into Action and Shape Up

Swimsuit season is not as far away as you think! These longer, sunnier spring days are the perfect time to start fresh with a new fitness program. So shake off the winter lethargy, dust off those sneakers, and spring into action! This season, focus on having fun with fitness: whether you enjoy a brisk walk or prefer to dance the night away, your mind, body, spirit, and waistline will all reap the benefits

Get Inspired with Fun

If going to the gym is on par with doing your taxes, it is just not going to inspire you to get moving every day. The good news is that you don’t have to join a gym to get your body in motion. Choose an activity that you enjoy and chances are you will look forward to doing it every day. The examples that follow  Continue reading