Greasing the Groove Training Principles


  • Greasing the Groove (GtG) training principles are based on improving muscle memory and facilitating more efficient muscle contraction, leading to greater strength. The principles include exercising at lower repetitions and intensity with greater volume and frequency
  • Your objective with GtG is to train multiple times each day at lower repetitions and weight to keep you fresh for the next set. It is crucial to rest at least 15 minutes between each set and stop well before you experience muscle fatigue or failure
  • The strategy was developed during the Cold War by strength coach and past Soviet Special Forces instructor Pavel Tsatsouline and has since been adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps, Secret Service and Navy SEALS
  • While there is value to GtG, Tsatsouline incorporates it into a program also involving heavier weights. Kaatsu, or blood flow restriction training, offers some of the same benefits of heavy lifting using light weights and high repetitions

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