Where Are the Autopsies of People Dying Post COVID Vaccine?



  • Dr. Jane Orient published a commentary in July 2021, asking why there is no information from autopsies of healthy people who died unexpectedly from the COVID-19 jab
  • Information from death certificates is notoriously inaccurate; autopsies are needed to inform public health policy and help people decide how they want to proceed with the genetic therapy injection program
  • As the death toll numbers reported to VAERS mounts daily, it is well over the rate of more than the number reported for 70 vaccines combined over 30 years and 500 times deadlier than the flu vaccine
  • Treatment for COVID-19 improved after Germany released data from 12 autopsies showing ventilators were likely a contributing cause of death
  • If you or a loved one took the shot and now regret it, there are options to help protect your health

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Canada launches “Vaccine Injury Support Program” after granting Big Pharma total immunity from covid vaccine lawsuits


After granting pharmaceutical companies total immunity from all lawsuits involving injury or death caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” Canada decided to launch a new “Vaccine Injury Support Program” (VISP) to provide compensation for those who experience “a serious and permanent injury” resulting from an injection Continue reading