Diet Soft Drinks Wreck havoc on Your Health

“Give me a bacon double cheeseburger, large fries and a diet soda,” A psychologist friend ordered during a lunch meeting. “You know,” she continued with a wink, “to reverse the calories!” I “Oh, come on!” she said in response to our look. “You know you’ve been guilty of ordering the same.”

What is most upsetting is that because of “common knowledge,” people think they save their health by choosing diet soft drinks. Their ignorance isn’t their fault, because the misconception that diet soda represents a calorie-free healthy beverage has been widely disseminated. Advertising and common sense promise that zero calories equals zero effect on your weight and health. Medical doctors have stated repeatedly that the body treats diet sodas as water because they have no calories, so go ahead and drink them to lose weight or at least not add unwanted pounds by drinking calories.

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Self Discipline is Vital for Weight Loss and Wellness

If you truly want to lose weight or, in fact, make any real improvement in your health, you have to start by adopting better health habits and behavior. The best program in the world can’t make a difference if you don’t embrace and practice well-defined ways to drop pounds and achieve wellness.

Game Changers

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