GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon

Agribusiness is in a mad rush to take over the earth, and seems willing to stop at nothing. Coming soon is cabbage with scorpion poison engineered in every cell. Of course, they claim it’s safe and will result in less pesticide use, but history and logic say otherwise. Who will wake from the insane mating between Agribiz and GMOs? Continue reading

Agribusiness Destroys Soil, So Mines for Food


Since good soil takes effort and money to maintain, Agribusiness hasn’t bothered. As a result, basics required for all life, including phosphorus, are now supplied by mining instead of soil. It’s resulted in inferior food, but the situation is even worse. Continue reading

In Spite of Economic Downturn Shoppers Appetite for Organic Products Increase

For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut nonessentials from their shopping lists. Yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

Many shoppers say that natural and organic items remain on their shopping lists because they’re concerned about their health, the environment, America’s agribusiness — or all three.

That concern has boosted sales of organics for many retailers, allowing some to expand. For example, Whole Foods — the Texas-based granddaddy of organic grocery stores — opened 16 new U.S. stores in the last year, bringing its worldwide total to 304.

Penny-pinching consumers continued to buy organics — often higher priced — even during the recent recession. Continue reading