Are You Allergic to Cheap Jewelry?

All that glitters is not gold – as everyone knows who gets a rash from cheap jewelry – and now German scientists have proven that there is such a thing as being allergic to costume jewelry.

Nobody owns “pure gold” jewelry – unless your name happens to be Tutankhamun. All modern-day “solid gold” jewelry is in fact an alloy of gold mixed with baser metals such as copper and nickel. The “carat” designation indicates the amount of gold. The higher the carat number, the more gold and less base metal there is in the piece of jewelry – and the higher the price.

In the past, it was generally assumed that the negligible amounts of base metals in “solid gold” jewelry could not possibly result in an allergic skin reaction. The new findings show that you can indeed be allergic to cheap jewelry.

For many people, wearing a pair of alloy earrings can produce a painful red swelling and blisters. Coins, belt buckles, and even mobile phones may also cause an unpleasant allergic reaction when they rub against the skin.

The reason is that they all contain nickel, the most common cause of skin contact allergies in the industrialized world. But few people realize that nickel is commonly used to make “gold” jewelry.

The researchers, led by Dr Matthias Goebeler from the University of Giessen in Germany, have shown that nickel binds to a particular immune-system protein normally involved in detecting harmful invaders. In susceptible people, this results in the body recognizing nickel as an infectious agent and triggering inflammation.

As the immune system goes into overdrive, it produces the classic symptoms of burning, itching, redness, swelling and blisters.

The scientists studied the nickel-immune response in genetically engineered mice. Only animals capable of producing the human protein TLR4 (toll-like receptor 4), developed “contact hypersensitivity” (CHS) when exposed to nickel.

Human TLR4 acts like a “switch” that triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions when certain substances bind to it. The molecular signals it gives off result in the increased blood flow, leaky tissue, and influx of immune-system cells that give rise to inflammation.

Although the reaction is due to the body defending itself, it often has undesirable side effects.

The scientists outline their findings in the journal Nature Immunology. Drugs that block specific TLR4 binding sites could provide a way of treating nickel allergy, the researchers suggest.

“Our data implicate site-specific human TLR4 inhibition as a potential strategy for therapeutic intervention in CHS that would not affect vital immune responses,” the scientists wrote.

In Europe alone, an estimated 65 million people are sensitized to nickel and develop contact dermatitis when atoms of the metal touch their skin.

Soy May Be Harmful to Sexual Behavior

America has a love affair with soy especially women who believe it fights osteoporosis and that soy formula is a good choice for infants. Although promoted as a health food, soy has been linked with numerous diseases including infertility and cancer.

Soybean farming is a multibillion-dollar industry. In fact, many of the worlds rain forests were cleared to provide more land to grow them. And as with so many health issues, once enormous profits are involved, it becomes difficult to get to the truth

I have two concerns about soy products. One is the direct effect of all soy products on health. The second is that more than 80 percent of all soybeans used for manufacturing foods are GMO (genetically modified). Genetic modifications cause the plant to produce abnormal proteins as well as to overproduce toxins normally produced by the plant. (For a detailed discussion on food safety, read my report “How to Avoid Poisonous Foods.”

But it’s not just modified soy that poses problems. Even natural soybeans have real dangers for health. One study found that infant monkeys fed soy extract soon after birth exhibited increased aggressiveness later in life and were socially withdrawn. Bad dietary choices can have profound effects on behavior, even producing criminal and sociopathic behavior. Soy foods are major players in this process.

Because soy contains estrogenic compounds, there is worry that it may disrupt the normal development of the brain, especially the brain’s sexual development. One study found that soy extracts could alter the development of the male hypothalamus, causing males to act more like females. It is the hypothalamus that determines our sexual behavioral development, especially a nucleus called the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area (SDN-POA). (

When newborn male animals were fed soy formula (similar to human soy infant formula), this critical nucleus was reduced in size. In addition, males had greater difficulty maneuvering a maze when fed soy formula as an infant. In humans, this would mean boys would have greater difficulty learning.

Some studies have found soy formula had no effect on testosterone levels, but others found they were decreased. Most found that the prostate gland was significantly smaller in the soy-exposed males. Of considerable importance is the worry that feeding soy infant formulas to babies may cause them to act more feminine.

The soy-fed males also were found to have lower levels of brain 5-alpha-reductase in the hypothalamus and amygdala. These areas of the brain play a major role in sexual behavior. Low levels of this enzyme reduce levels of deoxytestosterone in the brain, the more powerful form of testosterone. A careful balance between estrogen and testosterone in the hypothalamus during early development is critical to sexual behavioral development.

The females fed soy had their own problems. The study found that when soy was fed to female newborns there was a significant fall in the release of oxytocin (dubbed the love hormone) from their brains. At least in the mice, this caused a decrease in sexual receptivity  that is, they were less interested in sex. Oxytocin is also critical for normal social development. Among its many additional functions is protecting the brain from inflammation.

The females fed soy as infants also had much lower brain 17-estradiol (estrogen), which was found to have adverse effects on normal female behavior.

In essence, these studies clearly indicate that even small changes in estrogen and testosterone can have undesirable effects on the sexual behavior of both male and female animals. They also demonstrate that compounds such as soy extracts can have negative effects on these delicate hypothalamic nuclei even in adulthood.

Courtesy of Dr. Blaylock

Good Sources of Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is increasingly being viewed as important. It’s well known for working with calcium to strengthen your bones, but it may also help prevent osteoarthritis, reduce your risk of certain cancers, fight inflammation, and help regulate blood pressure.

Recommended Amount: How Much You Need
There’s mounting evidence to support a bump in the daily dose of vitamin D. While the government recommendations are 400 international units (IU) per day if you’re under 70 years of age and 600 IU if you’re over 70, several members of the RealAge Scientific Advisory Board now recommend taking 1,000 IU of vitamin D if you’re under 60 years of age and 1,200 IU if you’re over 60. The daily upper intake level for D is 2,000 IU a day — so anything up to that is generally considered safe.

Good Sources of Vitamin D
There are three ways to get vitamin D: food, sunlight, and supplements. If you’re not getting enough from your diet, or you don’t spend much time outdoors (just 10–20 minutes in the sun can significantly boost your body’s production of vitamin D), take a daily vitamin D supplement.

Salmon, canned (3 ounces) 530 IU
Salmon, cooked (3.5 ounces) 240–360 IU
Tuna, canned (3 ounces) 200 IU
Soymilk, fortified (8 ounces) 100 IU
Orange juice, fortified (8 ounces) 100 IU
Milk, low fat, fortified (8 ounces) 98 IU
Cereal, fortified (1 cup) 40–50 IU
Eggs (1 large) 20–26 IU
Swiss cheese (1 ounce) 12 IU

Study Shows That You Can Be Both Fit And Fat

If you work out 5 days a week, eat super healthy and never lose weight, you’ve probably concluded that you just have to work with what you have. Well, what you have is perfect! Erase the preconceived notions in your mind that you have to be skinny to be healthy. Researchers have found that there is such a thing as being “fat and fit.” Wondering if you fall into that category?

The prestigious Harvard School of Public Health tested fitness levels of over 100,000 people. The results were not totally shocking, except for a few notable circumstances. First of all, many people who are heavy are unfit but so are people that are skinny, despite the fact that less skinny people are unfit. While these all hold up to the classic standards, it has been proven that you can be heavy and be extremely fit.

How is this person classified? A person that is heavy but fit is someone who has a great cardiovascular and metabolic system, works out, eats right, and has healthy organs but just can’t lose that weight. Fat fit people tend to hold their weight in places that don’t affect them as much like their buttocks, thighs, and hips.

Bottom line: go to your doctor and see what he says. If he says you are in good health, don’t focus on losing weight. Focus on staying healthy. Keep doing good things for yourself and your body. If you lose weight, that’s awesome. If you don’t, don’t get down on yourself. You are probably healthier than your skinny friend eating that Big Mac.

How To Grocery Shop for Longevity

Many of our food choices begin in the grocery store. While the grocery store can provide us with foods that enhance our health and increase our energy, it is also a place of endless temptation and potential bad choices. Follow these tips to get the most out of your shopping experience:

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Make it Pleasant

Try to schedule your trips to the grocery store at times when it is not crowded. Early in the morning is usually a good time, even on weekends. The produce is fresh, carts are available and the staff is just starting their day, so they are usually relaxed and helpful. Try not to think of your trip to the grocery store as a chore, but a part of your day to calmly select foods to feed yourself and your family.

  1. Make a List

Go to the store with a list that you made at home. Try to organize your list into categories according to the store layout (for example: produce, meats, dairy, spices, specialty items, etc.)

  1. Shop the Perimeter

If we are eating for health, there really is no reason to visit many of the aisles in the store. Most healthy food, such as produce, fish and dairy, is located around the edges of the store. Going down the aisles containing cookies or chips may lead to unwanted items finding their way into our carts through habit or impulse.

  1. Don’t Shop on an Empty Stomach

We have all had the experience of shopping when we are hungry and coming home with items that we bought on impulse, which are usually are not the best choices for our health. Eat before you go and you will be able to resist temptation.

  1. Try New Things

Add a sense of adventure to grocery shopping by trying a new food each time. Pick an interesting-looking fruit or a small piece of exotic-sounding cheese to try. You may find a new favorite to add to your healthy repertoire.

Top 7 Natural Arthritis Cream Products at Your Drugstore

Topical arthritis cream products are preparations applied to the skin. Many of the arthritis cream products can be purchased over-the-counter. Effective for soothing minor arthritis and muscle pain, some of the arthritis cream products contain the active ingredient salicylate, while others are based on the pain-relieving effect of capsaicin or menthol.

1. Zostrix Arthritis Cream

Research has shown this arthritis cream works by reducing levels of substance P, a chemical involved in transmitting pain impulses to the brain. When applied to the surface of the skin, it has a pain-relieving effect. Active ingredient is capsaicin.

Offers temporary relief of minor joint and muscle pain. An arthritis cream which has lasted the test of time. Active ingredients found in this arthritis cream are methyl salicylate and menthol.

3. Aspercreme

Arthritis cream temporarily relieves minor pain associated with arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, and muscle sprains. Active ingredient of this cream is trolamine salicylate.

4. Icy Hot

Topical arthritis formula has dual action – gets icy to dull the pain and then gets hot to relax it away. Fast, long-lasting pain relief for sore muscles, backache, muscle cramps, and joint pain. Active ingredients are methyl salicylate and menthol.

5. Sportscreme

Arthritis cream provides fast, temporary relief from minor pain associated with sore muscles, muscle strain and stiffness. This cream does not smell like medicine. Active ingredient is salicylate.

6. Tiger Balm

Has a soothing action that relieves muscular aches and joint pain. Made from active ingredients such as camphor, menthol, cajuput oil and clove oil.

7. Mineral Ice

Cool, greaseless, pain relieving gel penetrates deep to provide fast, temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Active ingredient is menthol.

Sea Salt Is Better For You

Are there any benefits to switching out your traditional iodized table salt for unrefined sea salt? Aside from the superior taste that many say sea salt possesses, there are indeed several reasons you may want to consider choosing sea salt.

The first benefit of sea salt over table salt is that it actually contains less sodium overall. The reason for this is table salt is highly refined and what is left after this refining process is almost pure sodium chloride. It is mined from the earth, so it starts off as a raw form of sodium chloride with other beneficial minerals mixed in. However, the refining process strips these other natural minerals away, leaving a higher per-granule sodium content behind. Granule for granule if table salt, you are getting a higher sodium content.

Sea salt is collected in vast trays from the ocean. The water that is caught in these trays is dried by the sun, and what is left after the water evaporates is totally unrefined sea salt. Most of the time, it is minimally processed. This minimal processing leaves a lot of the natural trace mineral intact, which also reduces the actual sodium content.

Some may be concerned about the lack of an iodine additive in sea salt, as you find in table salt. Table salt added this necessary nutrient several decades ago when a significant part of the population began developing goiters due to an iodine deficiency. It is still added in most table salt today, as one can tell by reading the label.

Iodine is actually found in small trace amounts naturally in sea salt, as it is in most seafood, so you are still getting iodine in its natural, untouched form. It is not as much iodine as you will find in table salt, but most people today who eat a balanced diet need not worry about being deficient in this nutrient. If you are concerned about iodine, there are actually some sea salt brands that offer an iodine-enriched product.

Sea salt also contains the necessary minerals of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and bromide, to name a few. You don’t get these additional minerals with table salt, because they have all been stripped away by high-heat processing.

One concern we should all keep in mind, regardless of which type of salt we like to use, is keeping sodium consumption to a minimum. Although there are additional health benefits to choosing sea salt over table salt, sodium is sodium.

Excess sodium intake can cause high blood pressure, excess water retention and irregular heart beat and can be the underlying cause of a myriad of devastating health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. If you use salt sparingly in your diet, you will help keep your blood pressure at normal, healthy levels.

Since many people report having to use less sea salt than table salt to get that savory flavor in their food, you may want to consider choosing sea salt as a strategy for lowering the sodium content in your diet.

Introducing – Maca

Other names: Lepidium meyenii, Peruvian ginseng

Maca is a plant with a radish-like root that is used as a food and for medicinal purposes.

Although maca is unrelated to the ginseng family, it has been dubbed “Peruvian ginseng” because it is used as a folk remedy to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function.

Why Do People Use Maca?

According to folklore, ancient Incan warriors took maca before going off to battle to make them physically strong. However, they were later prohibited from taking it, in order to protect conquered women from their heightened libidos.

One study looked at the effect of 4 months treatment with maca tablets on semen quality in nine adult men. Treatment with maca resulted in increased seminal volume, sperm count, and sperm motility.

A 12-week randomized controlled trial looked at 1,500 mg maca, 3,000 mg maca, or placebo. After 8 weeks, there was an improvement in sexual desire in the men taking maca.

Maca does not appear to affect hormone levels. Serum testosterone and estradiol levels were not different in men treated with maca compared to those who took the placebo. Other studies have found no effect on luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, and 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone.


No side effects or hazards have been reported and are unknown.

Drug Interactions

No potential interactions have been reported.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Feldenkrais is a form of movement re-education developed by nuclear physicist and engineer Moshe Feldenkrais after suffering a sports-related injury. Rather than undergo surgery, he explored alternatives and created his own form of rehab integrating physiology, anatomy, martial arts, psychology, and neurology.

A key principle of Feldenkrais is that the way that a person speaks, moves, and thinks is based on the self-image that person has developed over the years. In order to change the way we move and carry ourselves, we have to change how we see ourselves.

Feldenkrais recognized the importance of proper breathing to movement. He also believed that postures and movements reflected the state of the mind and body. For example, a depressed person may have hunched shoulders.

Conditions Treated

  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain
  • Neuromuscular conditions, such as cerebral palsy and fibromyalgia
  • Repetitive strain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Performance enhancement for dancers, actors, athletes
  • Sports injuries

What a Typical Feldenkrais Treatment is Like

With Feldenkrais, there are two approaches:

  • Awareness Through Movement group classes – Led by a teacher, these classes increase mobility and help replace old patterns of movement with new, improving breathing and blood circulation. Classes are popular with actors, musicians, and dancers.
  • Functional Integration individual sessions – One-to-one sessions, using touch and tissue manipulation, where the practitioner actively directs the client’s body through various movements tailored to individual needs.

Home Remedies Series – Asthma

Gasping for breath.  Patients suffering from asthma appear to be gasping for breath. Actually, they have more difficulty in breathing out than breathing in, and this is caused by spasms or sudden involuntary muscular contractions of the smaller air passages in the lungs.

Asthma Causes

Asthma is caused by a variety of factors. It may be due to an allergy caused by weather conditions, food, drugs, perfumes, and other irritants. Allergies to dust are the most common.

Asthma Cures

Asthma treatment using Honey

Honey is one of the most common home remedies for asthma. It is said that if a jug of honey is held under the nose of an asthma patient and he inhales the air that comes into contact with it, he starts breathing easier and deeper.

Asthma treatment using Figs

Among fruits, figs have proved very valuable in asthma. They give comfort to the patient by draining off the phlegm. Three or four dry figs should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soaked overnight.

Asthma treatment using Lemon

Lemon is another fruit found beneficial in the treatment of asthma. The juice of one lemon, diluted in a glass of water and taken with meals, will bring good results

Asthma treatment using Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry has also proved valuable in asthma. Five grams of gooseberry mixed with one tablespoon of honey forms an effective medicinal tonic for the treatment of this disease. It should be taken every morning

Asthma treatment using Bitter Gourd Roots

The roots of the bitter gourd plant have been used in folk medicine for asthma since ancient times. A teaspoon of the root paste, mixed with an equal amount of honey or juice of the holy basil leaves, given once every night for a month, acts as an excellent medicine for this disease.

Asthma treatment using Drumstick Leaves

A soup prepared from drumstick leaves, and taken once daily, has been found beneficial in the treatment of asthma. This soup is prepared by adding a handful of leaves to 180ml of water and boiling it for five minutes. After being allowed to cool, a little salt, pepper, and lime juice may be added to this soup.

Asthma treatment using Ginger

A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey to taste, acts as an excellent expectorant in cases of asthma. The decoction of fenugreek can be made by mixing one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cupful of water. This remedy should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening.

Asthma treatment using Garlic

Garlic is another effective home remedy for asthma. Ten garlic cloves, boiled in 30 ml of milk, make an excellent medicine for the early stages of asthma. This mixture should he taken once daily by the patient. Steaming ginger tea with two minced garlic cloves in it, can also help to keep the problem under control, and should be taken in the morning and evening.

Asthma treatment using Bishop’s Weed

The herb bishop’s weed has been found valuable in asthma. Half a teaspoon of bishop’s weed should be mixed in a glass of buttermilk and taken twice daily. It is an effective remedy for relieving difficult expectoration caused by dried-up phlegm. A hot poultice of the seeds should be used for dry fomentation to the chest twice daily. The. patient can also inhale steam twice a day from boiling water mixed with carom seeds. It will dilate the bronchial passages.

Asthma treatment using Safflower

Safflower seeds are beneficial in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Half a teaspoon of powder of the dry seeds, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, can be taken once or twice a day in treating this disease. This acts as an expectorant and reduces the spasms by liquefying the tenacious sputum. An infusion of five grams of flowers mixed with one tablespoon of honey, taken once daily, is also useful in this disease.

Diet for Asthma

The patient should avoid common dietetic errors. Ideally, his diet should contain a limited quantity of carbohydrates, fats and proteins which are ‘acid-forming’ foods, and a liberal quantity of alkali-forming foods consisting of fresh fruits, green vegetables, sprouted seeds, and grains. The patient should avoid foods which tend to produce phlegm, such as rice, sugar, lentils, and yoghurt. He should also avoid fried and other difficult to-digest foods, strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, condiments pickles, sauces and all refined and processed foods.

Fasting and exercises

The patient should also follow the other laws of nature. Air, sun, and water are great healing agents. Regular fasting once a week, an occasional enema, breathing exercises, fresh air, a dry climate, light exercises, and correct posture go a long way in treating the disease.


No.10 – Apples

You’ve heard the saying: ”An apple a day (no, not an Apple jingle girl) keeps the doctor away,” and now apples may do more than just that. One large apple supplies approximately 5 grams of fiber, which fills the stomach up for a longer period of time. Additionally, the sugars found in apples do not influence blood sugar levels as much as starchy carbohydrates do, meaning you’ll have a reduced risk of a blood-sugar spike followed by a crash.

No.9 – Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are becoming a more popular way of getting in your essential fatty acids, but they also offer a good dose of soluble fiber to your diet. Sprinkle these little appetite suppressants into your yogurt or cottage cheese and you’ll provide your body with some slow-digesting fats to go along with the protein that’s already very satisfying.

No.8 – Caffeine

Caffeine is a daily part of most of our lives, yet many of us don’t realize the appetite-suppressing properties that caffeine has. This stimulant is most noted for its energizing effect along with its ability to help keep you awake during that mid-morning meeting. When taken in moderate doses, however, as the central nervous system is stimulated, you’ll also tend to experience a decreased appetite.

No.7 – Water

Staying well hydrated is another very important thing you must do if you hope to prevent hunger. Not only do we often mistake hunger for thirst, but when we are dehydrated we are more apt to feel tired, causing us to attribute this fatigue for a food shortage. If you truly are tired and lacking sleep, keep in mind that your brain will release a hormone telling your body that you’re hungry when, in fact, you are not.

No.6 – Hoodia

Hoodia is a supplement that many people believe helps them control their hunger. Hoodia originated from Africa and was primarily used by hunters when they went out on hunting expeditions to prevent hunger pains from shortening their trip. Be aware, however, that it can take a few days to exert its affects; if you don’t feel anything at first, wait it out before making judgments.

No.5 – Chicken & vegetable soup

Starting your meal off with soup is another way to reduce your appetite. Hot liquids in general tend to take the edge off hunger and since there are so few calories per cup, you can eat a good volume to fill your stomach. Chicken and vegetable soup is your best bet since the small amount of protein in the chicken will curb your hunger longer, while the vegetables and fluid will instantly fill you up.

No.4 – Wasabi

Consuming spicy foods also helps to suppress the appetite. So next time you’re having sushi or fish try adding some wasabi to it to really tame your appetite. In addition to hunger suppression, wasabi has also been known to help protect against cancer and provide anti-inflammatory effects.

No.3 – Oatmeal

Starting your day off with unsweetened oatmeal is a great way to prevent hunger later on in the morning. Oatmeal contains more dietary fiber than most cereal and is very low in sugars, meaning it’s not going to leave you with a blood-sugar crash. Add some cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce or a touch of sugar-free maple syrup for added flavor.

No.2 – Salmon

Salmon works well to reduce your appetite due to the healthy fat it contains. Protein-rich foods are the most satiating nutrient upon being eaten, but fat is what has staying power to keep you feeling satisfied in the hours to come. By eating salmon, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

No.1 – Almonds

Finally, almonds are another great source of healthy fats and make for a great snack between meals — provided you watch portion sizes. Note that the hunger-reducing effects of nuts tend to take about half an hour before you feel them, so eat them before you reach the point of being extremely hungry or you’ll be tempted to eat more than just the nuts.

Introducing – Cranesbill

Other names: Geranium maculatum, American cranesbill, alum root, wild geranium, spotted cranesbill

Cranesbill is a herb common to eastern North America. The part used medicinally is the root. Cranesbill is found in tea, capsule, and liquid extract forms.

Why Do People Use This Herb

Cranesbill has been used by indigenous peoples in North America to stop bleeding and to treat diarrhea.

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy menstrual periods
  • Diarrhea
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Uterine bleeding
  • Bladder inflammation


Some people develop indigestion after using cranesbill. It shouldn’t be taken for more than three consecutive weeks unless recommended by a qualified practitioner.

Cranesbill shouldn’t be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Cranesbill was a folk remedy to stop bleeding, but it shouldn’t be used in place of conventional care.

Elements of a Lung Detox Cleanse

A lung detox cleanse is more than just a singular pill or tonic. Just as your lungs will have many problematic areas due to tar and chemical exposure, you will also need a multi-faceted approach to deal with the problem, and repair the damage that has been done. There are four essential aspects that need to be looked at if you want clean and detoxified lungs, they are:

  • Physical. Physical activities are important if you want to expel tar and other chemicals from your lungs. The more you exercise the more powerful your lungs will become. This aids in the detoxification process from a physical point where your body will be able to rid itself of mucus and tar from your airways resulting to better breathing, increased immune system, and overall wellbeing.
  • Mental. Did you know that your psychological state can greatly affect your physical condition? A healthy and positive frame of thought that is free of constant stress can actually aid in normalizing hormone levels, increasing your internal healing abilities. By training your brain to concentrate on the more positive aspects of life you’ll find it easier to keep yourself motivated and happy even when pulling out from a long term habit like smoking.
  • Diet. Eating properly is one of the most important aspects of being healthy. When it comes to lung detox, the same rule will still apply, but your focus on what you eat will need to somewhat shift to even healthier options. As always, fatty, sugary, and processed foods should be avoided as they can mess up your body’s hormonal balance, as well as lower your immune response. Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be recommended as they will boost your immune system. Aside from this, there are also a number of food choices that will help to loosen mucus and tar.
  • Supplementary vitamins. While it is not recommended to treat supplementary vitamins as some sort of quick fix solution, there are a number of specialized vitamins and supplementary pills which can help increase effectiveness of your lung detox program.

If you notice, the immune system is mentioned quite often, this is because it has the key role of destroying the pathogens and other foreign substances that can cause us to get sick. Strengthening the immune system will mean effective healing of the lungs from the inside out, with additional support and help from outside intervention, resulting to a more holistic approach.

To find out more on how all of these elements tie together under a lung detox cleanse, click on the link below and take your first step towards cleanser, healthier, smoke free lungs!

Sudden Hair Loss in Children

An illness is something that can cause sudden hair loss in children. This can be a situation that is stressful to the child and the parents. Who wants to see their own little girl losing her gorgeous hair because of an illness? If you or someone you know has experienced this, then you are familiar with the stark reality of children having to deal with sudden hair loss. The key is to remain strong and to not let your child know that the problem has a huge effect on you. Children depend on adults for support and strength so you have to maintain a strong front even if you feel bad about it.

Sudden hair loss is a problem that you need to talk to your child about, no matter how hard it can be. Young children do not always have the capacity to understand that they are losing hair quickly. The good news is that you can talk to your child about sudden hair loss in ways that will not cause him or her to be alarmed.

One way to do this, make use of metaphors and stories. Research on some kid’s stories wherein the main character is bald. Stick with the good guys because you do not want your child to think that only bad people experience sudden hair loss. If you can, look for stories where the bald person is the hero. Once your kid is able to associate baldness with heroes, the problem of sudden hair loss can be easier to deal with.

Speaking of children’s stories, try as much as you can to not tell those wherein girls have long and beautiful hair. Stay away from stories like Rapunzel. You should not stimulate the brain of your little girl to think of how beautiful she could be with long hair.

Helping your child deal with sudden hair loss also involves distracting him or her from the subject of hair. You can do this by doing dress-up games. Buy some fancy hats, caps, and berets which your child can put on at home or in places that you go to. Let your child know that they can play a character by simply wearing a hat that resembles it. If your child wants to be a pirate during the day, let him or her put on the pirate hat. After being introduced to hats, your child can be better able to handle his or her sudden hair loss.

Children who are going through chemotherapy are quite fragile, and can be drastically affected by the way they may be losing hair. When it becomes difficult for you to handle your child’s reactions, do not hesitate to approach a child therapist who can make him or her understand the situation better.

Author: Lisa Tanady

Arthritis and Alternative Medicine

If there is someone in your life who has arthritis, you have probably from time to time noticed that an entire industry has sprung up around relieving the symptoms of the disease. It is believed that there are about a thousand different kinds of remedies and supplements for arthritis – examples of arthritis alternative medicine if you will. It is an industry that is worth $25 billion. With this many products pulling at your sleeve for your attention and your money, how on earth are you to know whom to trust or what to buy? An article in the medical publication American Family Physician not long ago reviewed many of the formulations that stack the store shelves – to try to tell the genuine article apart from the dross.

Of all the odd, the rare and the curious that you will find in products for arthritis alternative medicine, the top pick by unanimous vote is always glucosamine sulfate these days. This is a substance that is distilled out of the material that makes up seashells. While most examples of arthritis alternative medicine are poorly studied and poorly proven, this one is the exception – it has been studied everywhere, it has been subjected to harsh scientific research with large scale trials, and almost everywhere this is done, it is enthusiastically approved of.

There is enthusiasm in evidence, even if the results are not altogether consistent. There are numerous glucosamine formulations on the market and no one seems to be able to agree over the best way to study their effectiveness. What you do see in the studies is that not all formulations on the market are all good. Glucosamine sulfate for instance, is shown to work quite well; another compound, called glucosamine hydrochloride, has been shown to be quite poor in its potential. The effect, when you take the right kind, glucosamine sulfate, is not a particularly strong or miraculous one. The effects are stable, modest, and reliable. There are lots of glucosamine formulations for arthritis alternative medicine that supplement makers have designed out of the cartilage found in cows’ limbs. The substance is called chondroitin, and there are many glucosamine formulations around with chondroitin. No study so far has found that at a chondroitin does any good at all though. Drug makers also like to mix in other products with Glucosamine – MSM and turmeric among others. The researchers feel these make no difference to you though, other than to add to the price.

Some arthritis alternative medicine choices will include also a product known as S-adenosylmethionine or SAMe. Elderly people who suffer from osteoarthritis are often prescribed a conventional anti-inflammatory pill called Celebrex. SAMe is found to work just as well as Celebrex – it helps patients with pain and other effects just as well. So why would anyone want SAMe if it only works just as well as established route you ask? The established drug Celebrex really does not get along with our digestive system. People who take it for an extended period of time end up with headaches, stomach aches, and it can really mess up your system with any other drugs you are taking. But unlike glucosamine which is cheap and affordable, SAMe can typically cost two or three times as much.

You could easily go buy SAMe if you do not mind the expense, but you would not believe how inconsistent product quality is across batches. If you go out and buy a bottle of your favourite soft drink, you expect it to pretty much taste the same as the one you had last time. No such luck with SAMe, which happens to be a very unstable product. Most of the batches you will find on the shelves will have little or none of the active ingredients you need. It is just the way it works.

Author: Noel Benjamin D’Costa