Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression Treatment

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Depression touches a lot of lives. If you don’t suffer directly from it, it’s quite possible you know someone that does. You experience their good and bad days, ups and downs, and the thoughts they’re feeling in your own way. Depression doesn’t just affect those who are diagnosed, but the people they are close to.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many cures for depression that aren’t based around pharmaceutical assistance. Continue reading

Alternative Therapy Might Be Best for Headache Relief

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When it comes to headaches, fast, effective relief is crucial. No one wants to be left with hours of throbbing pain to contend with. It’s this sort of pain that is the hallmark of migraines and, when it settles in, it can incapacitate you, making it impossible to do anything but lie down in a darkened room. Many turn to painkillers to get relief, but what if you want to avoid prescription side effects? Are there any alternative remedies available? How about two therapies that have been featured in alternative health news of late: craniosacral therapy and magnet therapy? Continue reading