PLEAIDIANS Describe Extraterrestrial Races In Our Galaxy

What perspectives can Taygetans offer humans about our origins and the connections between ETs, our religions, and the cosmos? Revealing in-depth details about the lineages of different ET species with Earth contactee Gosia Duszak, Swaruu of Erra charts the connections between star systems and entire family trees of ETs. Discussing the connections of Seraphim to Draco, Swaruu also reveals that indigenous tribes like the Hopi and Maya were started as ET colonies. These original advanced beings that became known as the Aztec, Olmecs, Maya, and Hopi, who built the megalithic structures still on Earth today, were from the Maia star system. Continue reading

Jimmy Corsetti | Are We Part Alien | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST | Ep. 135

Jimmy Corsetti is an independent researcher, and creator of the ‘Bright Insight’ YouTube channel. He is a Veteran of the United States Army and the Iraq war. Jimmy went on to become and a former internal-fraud investigator for a large retail company, followed by obtaining his Master’s of Business Administration. He is now combining his unique background and life experience to create thought-provoking video presentations on various topics including, the Mysteries of Lost Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracies, and the Cosmos. Continue reading