The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

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Aquaculture promotes itself as a sustainable solution to overfishing. But in reality, seafood farms cause as many problems as they solve, and are likely making matters even worse Continue reading

An Extract that Could Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

In India and Bangladesh, there is a very special forest known for its biodiversity. The forest is called the Sundarbans and has been declared a World Heritage Site. It is rich in medicinal plants, not the least of which is a mangrove palm called “Nypa fruticans Wurmb.” If you have any trouble regulating your blood sugar and worry about diabetes becoming a part of your life, you’ll want to read this health news about Nypa fruticans Wurmb.

Researchers at the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, University of Development Alternative, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, have discovered a potentially valuable health breakthrough about this mangrove palm. Traditionally, this tree is well-known by local practitioners Continue reading