Why Glucose Restrictions Are Essential in Treating Cancer


  • Pollution and destructive agricultural practices are devastating the ecosystem and influencing our global weather patterns. Adding biochar to soil and building materials of all kinds is a simple and inexpensive strategy that can remediate much of this damage
  • Biochar added to cattle feed helps eliminate the need for antibiotics. When grazed on pasture, the manure from cows fed biochar improves plant growth, reducing cattle feed and water requirements, speeds up field rotation as the pasture recovers faster, and helps the land resist floods and droughts
  • Aside from adding activated biochar to farm fields, there are myriad other uses. It can be added to steel, concrete, asphalt, buildings, bridges, roads and tunnels
  • We do not need to burn trees to create biochar. Alternative waste stream sources that can be used include chicken litter, paper mill waste, municipal sewage, industrial pallets, textile scraps, sawdust and scrap wood from furniture factories, just to name a few
  • For entrepreneurs, biochar now offers opportunities on par with those available at the beginning of the industrial revolution. There’s enormous opportunity for microenterprise, new businesses and, indeed, whole new industries to start up

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