Cancer Patients Should Know More Than Their Oncologists

Do you remember sayings about knowing oneself? Lao Tzu said, “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” There are many such quotes, but today I introduce a new one. “He or she who knows more than their oncologist will survive their cancer.” I am offering you the opportunity to do precisely this by giving you 80 percent off my comprehensive cancer course. (See details below.) Continue reading

Hypertension Alert

Hypertension Alert

If you are anything like me, you better be checking your blood pressure. Mine blew sky high this morning, and lucky for me, I live in a natural hospital, so I received treatments right away. Stress is going off the Richtor Scale for millions, but my wife said, probably it is more like billions.

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ICU Care Done at Home and Hospitals Part 4

In the emergency room and ICU medicines must be safe while delivering an instant lifesaving burst of healing power. Obviously if they are safe and strong enough for emergency situations they are going to help us with chronic diseases and acute ones as well. Continue reading