Hello, This Is Your Doctor Calling

Hello, This Is Your Doctor Calling

June 15, 2010 United States of America


Patients receive health care at home using the latest wireless remote devices and speaking with a US Tele-Medicine Doctors.


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Hello, This Is Your Doctor Calling

(Beverly Hills) “ I could not believe it,” said Randy Ryder, “the Doctor actually called me and asked about me. When was the last time that happened to you?” Ryder is a patient of US Tele-Medicine, a national leader in telehealth medical services. “I suffer from diabetes and have to see a doctor regularly and that was tough for me,” Ryder said, “now I can have my check up at home.”

Randy Ryder is one of tens of thousands of E-Patients emerging across the US enjoying medical care through telemedicine. Many patients have easy to use remote monitoring devices that measure their vital signs and transmit the information through wireless networks, directly in to the patient’s file. A person can send their vitals in the privacy of the home, office or even on the go – worldwide. A Doctor reviews the file and has up-to-the-minute information on any patient.

The Veterans administration has about 34,000 patients with devices reading their vital signs and that has cut back on ER visits by 60%, hospitalizations by 26% and increased health overall.

US Tele-Medicine specializes in chronic care management for “lifestyle” conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, OCPD, CHF, obesity, and even issues such as anxiety and depression. USTM cares for over twenty conditions that have shown to be responsive to the new telemedicine modalities.

A national leader in the emerging world of telemedicine, US Tele-Medicine operates in AZ, CA, NY, HI, WA, MN, MA, and NV providing insured people immediate access to Doctors on line, e-mail and on the phone 24/7.

US Tele-Medicine is one of the very few national health care providers accepting All PPO, Medicaid, Medicare, and union self-insured programs.

Debby R. in Seattle, WA said, “I suffer from anxiety, and I am debilitated. Before, getting to my psychiatrist made my symptoms worse. It was, you know, a big deal effort, scheduling the appointments then getting ready on the day, moving around is not so easy for me and then all the traffic. I was a mess by the time I got there.”

Debby now receives her psychiatric care over the phone. Is there a difference in care? “No,” said Debby, “If you must know, it’s actually better and easier.” Better?

Indeed, studies worldwide show telemedicine prompting greater healing, wellness and health, than the traditional office visits. Firstly, this is because the patient actually speaks to the physician often and the substance of the conversation tends to be greater. Secondly, the patient is physically involved in their care through use of the remote monitoring devices. These factors compel the focused involvement of both the patient and the physician.

Gideon Ulumin, is the US Tele-Medicine Director of Strategic Affairs. “Health Care When You Need It and When You Want It, that is the operational philosophy at US Tele-Medicine. People no longer need to lose a day of work, school, income or productivity,” says Ilumin, “in addition, telemedicine may provide a key to the coming health care crisis.”

“With an additional 30 million persons soon coming on to the health care rolls,” explained Ilumin, “ and the continuous increase in medical costs, telemedicine is quickly becoming one of the only viable and current alternatives to deal with General medical needs.”

“There are simply not enough General Practitioners and Family Practitioners in the USA and most people are treated by specialists, or Emergency Rooms where not necessary and incurring greater costs to insurers.” Ilumin went on to say, “US Tele-Medicine addresses and corrects these real problems in the system, by offering its Telemedicine platform.”

Patients in eight states can sign up for Telemedicine care by enrolling on line and the Doctor will be calling them:

Patient Web Site: www.epatienthealthcare.com

Corporate Web Site: www.ustelemedicine.com