Heal Muscle Aches with Arnica Gel

Our world is pretty much riddled with sickness and disease. Sure, you heard right. Just take a look around. Pop on the local news and you will surely see something to do with a disease or illness. There’s no getting away from this issue. If you are human, it is all around you. Naturally we all want to prevent ourselves from succumbing to illness. This is the reason professionals encourage certain lifestyles and practices. It’s sensible to protect ourselves as much as possible. But, what should you do about the afflictions you do acquire? Take the flu or common cold for example. What do you do to get rid of these sicknesses quickly? Are you all for modern-day science or do you prefer alternative herbal medicines? You may want to investigate deeper before drawing any conclusions.

Can you think of an alternative herbal medicine that works well for you? I know I can. You see, I tend to get sore in the forearm area. This is a result of excessive typing. Certainly this could result in dreadful problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, I will not allow such a thing to happen. Now, I could use an oral medicine like Ibuprofen to deal with the tenderness. Sure, it might help a little. But, I want something that is going to treat and heal my forearms. So, I began searching for an alternative herbal medicine. Eventually I found a German alternative medicine. It is called Arnica gel. I at once liked the fact that it’s all natural. Furthermore, it has been proven to heal joints and tendons. I knew it would be ideal for my aches and pains. After just one use, I was amazed at the effectiveness of this herbal medicine. I would imagine such a topical cream would make a lot of money. Since then I rub Arnica cream on my forearms each night before going to bed, and when I get up in the morning, my arms are cured and free of discomfort. It’s wonderful stuff.

So, can you think of a good reason why a person should opt for an alternative herbal medicine over one manufactured by a pharmaceutical company? How about this. We are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of these man-made drugs. It’s difficult to ignore all the bad press. I certainly do not want my liver damaged by some artificial drug. Why not consider using the modern alternative herbal medicine that is readily available these days.

A little research on the Internet uncovers many testimonials from people praising the efficacy of arnica gel. According to one Amazon customer it reduces inflammation from muscle and joint strain, bruises and arthritis. This user also found it very effective in preventing bruising if applied straight after the injury or bump occurs. Existing bruises faded fast when arnica gel was applied to them.

Home Remedies Series – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the pressure exerted on the median nerve. Carpel tunnel which protects the median nerve has almost no room for expansion, so any swelling around the tunnel exerts pressure on the median nerve. It may also be caused by repeated wrist movements or any injury to the wrist.

Kidney failure

Kidney failure can cause fluid retention in the carpal tunnel. This will exert pressure on the median nerve. It may occur during pregnancy or when a woman is on contraceptive pills.

Causes in women

Some women may complain of carpal tunnel syndrome during menopause. Repetitive use of tendons causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other Causes

Sometimes obesity can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Some physical characteristics like narrower carpal tunnel can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome remedies

Use fat tool handles. If your tool handles are not fat then use some rubber grip to fatten it. Keep knives and other cutting tools sharp so that less pressure is exerted on the median nerve. Do not hold a pen with a tight grip while writing. Always wear a wrist splint, especially at night. Apply an ice pack on your aching wrist, it will lessen the pain. If ice is unavailable, go for a hot treatment. Apply a heating pad on the aching wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome diet

Include vitamin B especially vitamin B6 in your diet. Avoid packaged foods because it contains tartrazine which interferes with vitamin B6.

Suggestions for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Obese people should shed some weight. Take a break at regular intervals and do some stretching exercises of hands and fingers. Do not sit or stand in the same position for a long time.