Heavens Cross – Apocalypse – The Opening

This is the time when human consciousness transcends the barriers between physical and non-physical realms; when the “heaven” of the physical universe begins to cross with the other heavens and realms. The long-awaited Apocalypse, the revealing, began with this webcast on March 22, 2023. Continue reading

Heavens Cross Part 3: Questions & Answers

This “apocalyptic” event is like nothing humanity has ever previously encountered. As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. Continue reading

The Biggest Change in Current Era (since Atlantis)

♤ Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. Continue reading

The Slavic Power Vortex – A Master’s Perspective on the Russia / Ukraine Conflict

Russia and Ukraine are playing out an ancient battle on the world stage, shadowed by a very real threat of nuclear catastrophe. As Putin and Zelenskyy lead the fight in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario, humanity watches with trepidation to see how far it will go. But this battle is not about right and wrong or even victim versus oppressor. Continue reading

Sam’s “Be Well” Message

A Master’s Life It’s easy to imagine that the life of an Ascended Master is without struggle or pain. But Sam, of the lineage of Tobias and the soul family of To-bi-wah, talks about the ups and downs of his very human lifetime. Even as he remembered himself as a Master, Sam also experienced adventure, frustration, love and heartbreak, all in the fulfillment of the desires of his soul. As his time on Earth draws to a close, Sam offers simple wisdom from the apple orchards, a reminder of why we are here, and a heartfelt invitation to be well. Continue reading

LIVE Channeling of Higher Consciousness Ascended Masters with Yolanda Tong | NLS Podcast

Yolanda was living in Tokyo when she channeled for the first time in 2005. She had purchased the book “Opening to Channel.” by Sanaya Roman, followed the exercises, connected with a Spirit Guide, and brought through messages from him. Soon after she moved to Hong Kong where one day she felt that same Spirit Guide step inside her, take over her voice, and spoke through her. Continue reading