The Most Important Vitamins as You Age

Nutritional deficiencies are quite common among older adults. Getting improper nutrition for less than one year can lead to full-fledged deficiencies in vitamins B and C. More than a year spent not getting proper nutrition would result in deficiencies in vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as B12. The more frequent chronic illnesses and medication use further compromise the nutritional status in older individuals. One study found that there was a high number of vitamin deficiencies found even among those who claimed to be taking multivitamin supplements on a daily basis. Continue reading

Forget Antibiotics, Steroids and Medication – Starve This Toxin out of Your Body

Illnesses caused by mold exposure are a growing problem that few people are aware of, including most primary care physicians, and can develop into serious chronic illness and a syndrome called Mixed Mold Toxicosis. Continue reading

Healing Power from Positive Energy

Positive energy represents an important, foundational principle for healing from any chronic illness including cancer. Emotions, “energies in motion,” powerfully influence the immune system and other bodily functions. For optimal health, you have to avoid negative energies like fear, anxiety, resentment, anger and guilt that, studies show, weaken your immune system. Negative feelings can slow healing and may feed cancer growth.

If you or a loved one is chronically ill in any form, especially with cancer, you must implement one or more modalities that create positive emotion. “Feeling good” can greatly enhance the healing process.

Energy enhancers: Continue reading