Up your Dopamine Cocktail to Change your Life

Getting answers is easy. Living the answers is where character and successes call home.

Why do most who’ll swear they want bigger and better continue to do what’s easy rather than what’s right?  The reasons are no mystery.  Some reasons have to do with comfort.

1. It’s common knowledge that it takes 2-4 weeks to change a habit or attitude.  For many, this is a quick fact, yet something which is held as information-only, rather than used as a tool to inspire the shifting of personally limiting habits.  We need to say “It’s true for me, not just “It’s true” or “It’s true for that other guy.”

2. Staying with an old habit Continue reading

Real Snake Venom Cocktail Has Bite

A cocktail with real bite has been created by Russian biologist Vasily Krivopalov.

Three times a week the 41-year-old scientist from the southern Russian city of Samara drains venom from one of his 20 pet cobras, and then mixes it with vodka and brown sugar.

He said: “I feel great afterwards, 20 years younger, it is a drink with a real kick.

“A cobra’s poison contains more than 120 useful components, and by adding alcohol to it the dangerous toxins are nullified; and it becomes a very healthy and invigorating drink. I take this medicine regularly and feel great: It rejuvenates and invigorates.”