Problems With Compost: 7 Composting Mistakes You’re Making

Composting just feels good. Not only are you reducing waste but you get this juicy, nutrient rich source of amendment for your garden. However, if you aren’t careful, certain compost issues may arise. Even when the pile is carbon and nitrogen balanced, lightly moist, warm, and full of beneficial organisms, problems with compost are still common. Trust me, I know. I’ve made my own share of compost mistakes.

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USDA Soil Scientist Reveals Simple Tips for Improving Soil Health

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Edible School Yards and Healthy Cooking Lessons – Growing Fresh Solutions for Childhood Obesity

Purple carrots, raspberry bushes and a bounty of schoolyard-grown vegetables are sprouting up around the nation. Edible schoolyards are teaching children about sustainability, nutrition and the fun of growing, cooking and eating their own food. As more of these gardens germinate from an idea to a full fledged classroom, children learn about wholesome food choices — helping to curb childhood obesity.

The blossoming of garden classrooms

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