Telemedicine Can Reduce Corporate Health Care Costs By 25%

June 16, 2010 United States of America


Telemedicine reduces ER visits, incidences of hospitalization, promotes better health and reduces corporate health care costs by 25%.


( June 16, 2010 — Press Release

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For Immediate Release June 16,2010

Telemedicine Can Reduce Corporate Health Care Costs By 25%

(Beverly Hills) Self Insured Corporations are “avoidably” losing expensive days of production, income, and performance, because employees visit Doctors. Unfortunately, employees do fall ill from time to time and require immediate or urgent care.

Emergencies however are not too costly in terms of lost workdays; those are generally predictable short-term incidents. It is the days lost visiting doctors for allergies, anxiety, the cold, blood pressure, heart conditions, weight issues, diabetes, and many other “everyday lifestyle” health conditions that are chronic, which cost the most in the net loss of income, work and production.

A corporation employing 3,000 people will suffer a staggering 27,000 lost days of service, revenue, and performance – unnecessarily. Employees are away from work because they travel distances to medical offices, fill forms, wait, and finally, see a Doctor for five minutes. This really does require a full day off. It also generates employee frustration and anxiety. It is especially difficult for management considering not only the cost of the health care, but also the loss of time and effort.

US Tele-Medicine is a Family and General Practice medical provider in eight states using Telemedicine protocols and techniques, to care for employees in the comfort, safety, and privacy of their office or their home. This platform reduces out-of-work doctor office visits and days lost of income by a whopping 50%.

Telemedicine Medical Services costs less to any self-insured entity, simply because Family and General Medicine practitioners, charge 25% less for their services. Employers are paying excessively high prices for over qualified specialists performing basic medical tasks.

Corporations can save over 25% in health care costs in this new era of health connectivity through telemedicine.
Telemedicine actually condenses and strengthens the interaction between patient and doctor, irrespective of how many miles away the patient might be.

Employees use of a variety of compact state-of-the-art consumer wireless devices allowing physicians to monitor vital data remotely, providing real time, or scheduled time, diagnostic, and management markers. Many of these devices are standardized, further savings costs as more than one individual in an office or department can use them.

That means an employee receives consistent quality care, becomes a more informed and involved patient, shows a reduction in emergency physician services, suffers less chronic incident peak periods, and all this means significantly less costs for all concerned.

Today medical care is available when you need it, when you want it, at less cost and higher efficiency. That is the Telemedicine health revolution.

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