Most Powerful Affirmations For Faith & Belief | Attain Confidence, Joy, Courage, Strength | Manifest

Faith makes things possible! Strengthen your faith and uplift your life with powerful affirmations for faith and belief! Affirmations are positive statements that rewire our subconscious minds to think and believe in a particular way. You can repeat or listen to these powerful affirmations as you go to sleep or begin your day. What you attract is in your thoughts. Believe and Manifest! Continue reading

Doctor who cured 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success rate speaks out passionately in Washington D.C.


Dr. Stella Immanuel of the Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas went viral in a matter of hours after appearing live at the “White Coat Summit” in Washington, D.C. in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Dr. Immanuel gave a hopeful, passionate speech about curing coronavirus patients with 100 percent effectiveness. Continue reading

Adams on Courage and Integrity: A Message to All Truth-Tellers who Refuse to Be Silenced by the Status Quo

It takes no courage to repeat the delusions of the status quo. On issues like food and health, taking the position that organics are “elitist” or that GMOs don’t have to be labeled requires zero personal courage, zero integrity and zero effort. It is cowardly, in fact, to tow the party line whether we’re talking Continue reading