INFLATION FLIPPING: 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without breaking the bank

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Tune your internet survival frequency to for updates on buying the right supplies for emergencies and being ready for more inflation and more supply chain issues. Now here’s a handy indoor gardening 101 instructional video that’s a must see. Check it out. Continue reading

Survival medicine: Relieve dry skin with this red clover salve

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4 Best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting in the time of COVID-19

States and counties across the U.S. are beginning to loosen up on pandemic restrictions despite the rising number of cases.

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DIY Eyeglass Prescription Platform Powered by Smartphone

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla caused something of a ruckus when he declared that much of the medical profession is “something a computer algorithm could do if Continue reading

More than 80 Reasons to Use Honey as a DIY Home Remedy for Better Health and Good Eats

Everyone knows honey tastes sweet and is delicious mixed with tea and lemon; but chances are you never realized how many health-related uses this versatile food possesses. It makes a wonderful DIY home remedy that helps to cure many conditions that ail you. The best honey is one that is totally raw, organic and contains the honeycomb in the jar. It should include royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen for maximum health benefits. Continue reading