More Poison Found in Baby Food


  • Testing revealed significant levels of cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury in popular baby foods on your grocery store shelves
  • Documents from Hain Celestial Group, makers of Earth’s Best Organic baby food, showed many of the ingredients had arsenic levels as high as 309 parts per billion (ppb) and at least 24 ingredients in the company’s baby food products measured higher than 100 ppb of arsenic
  • Ingredients used in Beech-Nut baby food measured as high as 886.9 ppb of lead and 483 ingredients had levels measuring over 5 ppb
  • Heavy metals have a long-term effect on your baby’s health including neurotoxic effects, lower birth weight and cognitive scores, smaller head circumference, stunted growth and aplastic anemia
  • You have options to lower the risk of exposure to toxins and heavy metals by making baby food at home from organically grown and locally sourced produce

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