Chaga Mushrooms Support Immune Function


  • Evidence shows chaga can support your immune system and reduce inflammation; it’s effective against HIV-1, influenza virus H3N2 and herpes simplex virus 2
  • Compounds found in chaga were effective against cancer cells in the lab, reducing primary tumors by 60% and metastatic growth by 25%
  • In animal studies, the polysaccharides had a therapeutic effect on blood glucose; they also lowered proinflammatory cytokines and aided in the recovery of insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells
  • Indigenous people in and around Russia use chaga to aid in digestion, respiration and detoxification
  • Limitations are in place as to the use of the product, as the most potent variety is wild harvested in remote areas of Siberia, which makes it impractical to grow for commercial purposes

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