Biomagnetism and Bio-Electromagnetism: The Foundation of Life


Throughout the past 30 years, scientists have been   extensively researching organisms that have the ability to produce the   ferromagnetic mineral magnetite. Magnetite is a black mineral form of iron oxide that crystallizes in the cubic  or isometric system, namely all crystals which have their crystallographic axes of equal length at 90 degrees   to each other. It is a mixed Iron (II) Iron (III)  oxide, Fe3O4, and is Continue reading

Healing with Electricity


Did You Know…

… that scientists just confirmed that an “electrifying” Indonesian trend can boost health and fight diseases—including Cancer.

Abdul Rachman, a resident of Jakarta, Indonesia, sits on the tracks of the local railroad Continue reading

Flipping a Light Switch in the Cell: Quantum Dots Used for Targeted Neural Activation


New technique holds promise for better understanding of brain disorders

IMAGE: Optically excited quantum dots in close proximity to a cell control the opening of ion channels. Continue reading

Rap Music Powers Rhythmic Action of Medical Sensor


Researchers have created a new type of miniature pressure sensor, shown here, designed to be implanted in the body. Acoustic waves from music or plain tones drive a vibrating device called a cantilever, generating a charge to power the sensor. (Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University)The driving bass rhythm of rap music can be harnessed to power a new type of miniature medical sensor designed to be implanted in the body. Continue reading