Melatonin Regulates Our Cycles, Mood, Reproduction, Weight and May Help Combat Cancer

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The hormone melatonin is most known for its role in helping you sleep, but research indicates it also help protect your brain health and fight against cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and more

Melatonin appears to Continue reading

New 3D Mammograms May Triple Your Radiation Exposure

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Although touted as superior, new 3D mammograms (tomosynthesis) appear to have no diagnostic advantage over standard mammograms, and pose a much higher risk Continue reading

Invisible Health Threats that Surround Us

Almost all of us use electrical appliances and cell phones on a daily basis. Few people take a moment to stop and think about the side-effects of the electromagnetic fields that these appliances have on our health. Even fluorescent lights produce electromagnetic fields.

Electric blankets have been linked to childhood leukemia and miscarriages because of the fact that electromagnetic fields created by them are able to penetrate up to 7 inches into the body. People who are exposed to fluorescent light at home or in the workplace can experience feelings of reduced alertness which in turn can lead to feeling more tired than usual. This is because the electromagnetic fields which are emitted from these lights cause red blood cells to clump together. Continue reading