EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases lab test results of Tractor Supply “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed (and five other chicken feed products)

Following widely circulated anecdotal reports of people claiming that Tractor Supply’s “Producer’s Pride” brand of chicken feed was causing their chickens to stop laying eggs, we purchased six chicken feed products (of various brands) from Tractor Supply for the purpose of conducting comprehensive lab testing. Continue reading

Prepping skills: 15 Food storage and preservation methods to learn before SHTF


When preparing for different long-term survival scenarios or economic collapse, your preps will usually include getting the right gear and stockpiling food supplies. Continue reading

Unlocking France’s Secrets to Raw Cheese

Story at-a-glance 

In France, traditional cheese makers strive to understand the microbial communities in raw milk, and thereby in their cheese, in order to harness the natural power of beneficial microbes to keep the bad ones in check Continue reading

California to Require Labeling for all GMO Salmon

The miserable failure of both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to stand up for the interests of the people and require proper labeling of AquaBounty’s genetically-modified (GM) salmon, which is set to be approved soon, has led California legislators to take matters into their own hands. According to Red, Green & Blue, the California Assembly Health Committee recently approved a measure requiring the “Frankenfish” to be clearly labeled so consumers are aware of what they are purchasing.

AB 88, which was introduced by  Continue reading

How Long Can I Keep Food Before It Becomes Bad?

Foods vary in freshness and quality over time.  There are difference for meats, fruits and even packaged products.  We found this web site, which allows you to enter any food type, or select from a robust list of foods, and it will show you how long the food product can be stored on a counter, in the fridge or frozen.

This is an excellent resource, and remember, 18% of all food poisonings happen because someone eats old food, full of bacteria and decay.  Protect yourselves and your family by using this guide.