How Green Tea Is Battling Types of Cancer

Studying Green Tea, and looking at the evidence for its use against gastrointestinal cancers and breast cancer. In each case, the news is good.

Gastrointestinal Cancers
A large population study from China involved 931 colon, 884 rectum and 451 pancreatic cancer patients. Compared to about 1,550 healthy patients, it found that consuming green tea was linked with a lower risk of these tumors. This was stronger among women than men. Another study involved 185 esophagus, 893 stomach, 362 colon and 266 rectal cancer patients, compared against more than 21,000 healthy people. It proved that the risk of stomach cancer was lower among green tea drinkers. The best protection was in seven cups a day.

A recent review of world literature — with 25 studies in 11 countries — had three main conclusions: Continue reading