Discover Barbados Aloe, Curacao Aloe, Aloe Vera and How to Use it

AUsage: Aloe Vera juice or gel is a demulcent (used for soothing), emollient (used for mollifying), laxative, and vulnerary (used on wounds). It is primarily used externally to treat skin problems, especially cuts, abrasions, wounds and burns. It prevents scarring and promotes healing. The gel can be drawn directly from the pulpy aloe vera plant leaves. Apply the fresh juice or gel directly to the affected area. It is safe and highly effective. It is also said to be good on insect bites. Cleopatra supposedly used it for cosmetic purposes.

Dosage: 1. Gel: can be applied as needed directly from plant leaves. 2. Juice: take 1 tsp. 3 times a day before meal.

Contraindication: Pregnancy, colitis, intestinal and uterine bleeding.

Side effects: High doses taken internally can cause intestinal inflammation.

When treating sunburn we need a large quantity of aloe gel. You can make up a batch of fresh aloe gel and keep it in the refrigerator (chilled aloe gel is doubly effective for soothing burns). Continue reading