Will You Love Your Servitude?



  • Aldous Huxley, an English writer and philosopher, wrote “Brave New World,” a science-fiction novel in which emotions and the sense of individuality are eliminated, starting in childhood, via the use of conditioning
  • It’s a work of fiction, but concepts on which it is based, including the power to condition humans to accept an abnormal state of life, are not
  • In the video, you can hear a 1962 interview with Huxley, in which he speaks about the use of persuasion and conditioning to gain ultimate power and control over society
  • Non-terroristic methods, such as suggestion and persuasion, are also essential in gaining ultimate control, as some measure of voluntary acceptance is necessary
  • Via conditioning, humans can get to the point of loving servitude, and consenting to live in, and even enjoy, a state of affairs that they, under natural circumstances, should not

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