Can You Heal Just by Being More Aware?

Does self-awareness really lead to health and healing?

Self-awareness is touted as a powerful form of healing, yet it often does nothing for us. Being aware that you have a problem doesn’t mean the problem is going to magically vanish, right?

Does this mean increased self-awareness is a waste of time? No.

It means that in order to heal yourself with greater self-awareness, you need to become aware of the right aspect of your problem. Continue reading

Heal Your Body One Sweet Bite at a Time with Cacao

Once used by ancient civilizations as offerings to their gods, cacao has a long and colorful history. Cacao beans – which are actually the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree – are native to South America and the West Indies.

The raw beans have been used in beverages and foods for more Continue reading

What is Sound Therapy … and how can it Help Heal Chronic Pain?

We see evidence of the effect sound has on our nervous systems every day.  The sound of clanging pots falling from cabinets or the shrill ring of a fire alarm fray our nerves.  But a musical etude soothes our senses and helps us relax.  Sound can improve our moods and help us concentrate, or push us to the brink Continue reading

Fact or Myth: Is Chronic Pain Just In Your Head?

This is a FACT.

Relief from chronic pain seems to be out of reach for many. Doctors are looking at the mechanics of chronic pain – what causes it and why – and have determined that the pain response may very well be linked to how your brain is processing pain.

How Chronic Pain Works Continue reading

Four Bitter Herbs Heal the Liver, Gall Bladder, and Other Ailments

Certain bitter herbs are considered liver herbs because they stimulate, cleanse, and protect the liver and gall bladder. While Western palates are not fond of bitter tasting foods, they do stimulate and support digestion. German research shows that bitter tonic herbs stimulate bile and hydrochloric acid production. They stimulate nervous system and immune system function, Continue reading

Camu Camu

Did You Know…

… that the camu camu fruit has more vitamin C than any other known fruit in the world—and delivers miraculous therapeutic benefits?

Deep within the Peruvian Rainforest originates a berry so potent it can heal chronic diseases, Continue reading

Try This Chinese Healing Technique for a Better Life

“Qi” is the essence of life that flows through nature and our bodies. Most of Chinese medicine is fixated at realigning the flow of Qi to restore health. One type of massage that is very popular, and very soothing is called “Tui Na.”

First, a quick look at the concept of Qi. Meridians are the energy channels that the Qi flows through. Continue reading

Coconut’s Amazing Healing Powers

coconutCoconut’s traditional name reflects its numerous health benefits: kalpavriksha — Sanskrit for “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live.” Healers in ancient India recognized the coconut palm as a superior immunity booster, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial therapy.

Popularity Surge Continue reading

Don’t Suffer Back Pain; Learn and Heal

Back pain is not merely ordinary discomfort. It is a teacher of life lessons instructing us about our bodies and the mind-body connection. If you work through the pain and deal with it in a mindful, natural way, you can find relief and gain a new appreciation for avoiding backaches and improving your life’s journey.

Back Pain Redux

Recurring, chronic back pain is nobody’s friend, although it offers a tough-love educational experience. In the search for relief, this type of pain can too often lead to drug addiction, depression, disability and many more problems if you let it get out of control. But you have to remember that neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain and tail bone discomfort can each have quite different causes. Consequently, each comes with its own lesson.

I became an uncomfortably close friend to low back pain during my college years. In those days, I was a constant athlete. I was a competitive swimmer from age 5 to 13. Then I got serious about tennis, football, basketball, skiing and distance running. During all those activities, I never had a problem with my low back until the beginning of my first year at Brigham Young University (BYU).

I distinctly recall my first low back strain. Continue reading

Why You Need Sunshine for Optimal Health

Discover How Sunlight Helps Heal Almost Every Known Health Condition–and How You Can
Bask in the Sun without the Risk of Overexposure

If you’re like most people, you probably think that getting a sufficient amount of safe sun exposure daily is not that important.  Unfortunately, you’re mistaken.  Insufficient sun exposure puts you at risk of serious medical problems, from bone fractures … to cognitive impairment … to cancer!

Vitamin D, which is known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is produced by the body in response to sunlight.  The latest statistics show that 1/3 of all Americans are deficient in vitamin DContinue reading

Heal with the Miraculous Powers of Garlic

When you’re sick with the flu, an infection, or simply unwell, doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics. We all know however, how dangerous antibiotics can be. But what if you could find that very cure for these things in nature, where you wouldn’t have to suffer the dismal side effects of nausea, wrenching stomach pains, potential hallucinations, and a gruesome attack on the friendly flora that lives in your intestines? What if you didn’t have to feel like a run-down old tractor, or like you’ve suddenly run out of batteries?

Yes, it stinks a bit – no wonder vampires hate it! But the abundance of health benefits contained in a single clove of garlic should be enough to make you embrace it – for there is a whole list of those benefits. In Russia, garlic is even called Continue reading

The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy

How Pressing Specific Points on Your Outer Ear Can Help You Stop Smoking … Eliminate Pain … Shed Excess Weight … Quit the Alcohol Habit …and Heal over 350 Diseases

Did you know that when you massage or apply stimulation to a specific point on the outer ear (the auricle) … you can dramatically reduce or eliminate pain in a corresponding body part … and even reverse a disease or get rid of an addiction?

The discovery of the ear points and their therapeutic applications happened when Dr. Paul Nogier noticed that some of his patients who stimulated a specific area of their outer ear were able to successfully relieve low back pain. Dr. Nogier then conducted a similar procedure on his own sciatica patients and discovered that his patients were likewise relieved of their back pain.

After several experiments, he observed that the ear represents the human anatomy in an upside down orientation. He consequently identified the correlation of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear. Continue reading

Heal Nerve and Muscle Injuries with a Swim

Have you ever experienced sciatica pain? It usually crops up when you irritate your sciatic nerve. The pain can typically radiate from your lower back, down the back of your thigh. Sometimes the shooting pain can even reach as far as your knees. Prescribed treatments run the gamut from painkillers to surgery.

Here’s an alternative remedy for those of you who want to avoid prescription side effects and resorting to something as invasive as surgery: swimming. Researchers in Brazil have conducted a clinical trial to assess the effect of swimming on nerve injury to the sciatica.

For their animal study, the researchers wanted to find out not only if swimming could help heal a sciatic nerve injury, but also how soon exercise should be started again after an injury. Continue reading