There’s Something Fishy Going on with the Seafood Industry

Did You Know…that one-third of fish in the United States is mislabeled and rife with health threats?

Who knew fish fraud was such big business?  The nonprofit ocean protection group Oceana genetically tested 1,215 fish samples taken from 674 retail outlets in 21 different states across America. Continue reading

Health Secrets from your Tongue

Did You Know…

… that your tongue can reveal powerful secrets about your health, including the presence of infection and other health threats?

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), “stick out your tongue” has nothing to do with Continue reading

Invisible Health Threats that Surround Us

Almost all of us use electrical appliances and cell phones on a daily basis. Few people take a moment to stop and think about the side-effects of the electromagnetic fields that these appliances have on our health. Even fluorescent lights produce electromagnetic fields.

Electric blankets have been linked to childhood leukemia and miscarriages because of the fact that electromagnetic fields created by them are able to penetrate up to 7 inches into the body. People who are exposed to fluorescent light at home or in the workplace can experience feelings of reduced alertness which in turn can lead to feeling more tired than usual. This is because the electromagnetic fields which are emitted from these lights cause red blood cells to clump together. Continue reading

Natural Selective Breeding Works Better than GMOs

Twenty years of careful research and development on a new apple variety has produced an amazing fruit that New Zealand’s Scoop news states is “sweet, tangy and delicious.” And the most amazing aspect of Swiss orchardist and researcher Markus Kobelt’s new RedLove apple variety is that it was designed to be resistant to disease, appealing to the palate, and easy to grow — and all without the use of any sort of artificial genetic modification.

For many years, researchers from other organizations have been working on creating a genetically modified (GM) apple variety that would be higher in nutrients, more resistant to disease and pests, and appealing to growers and consumers. But Kobelt beat them to the punch  Continue reading