Study: Healthcare Will Help Drive 3D Printing Market to $8.4 Billion by 2025

human-heart-3D-printingFrom models of the human body to product prototypes to human tissue for cancer research, the healthcare industry has latched onto 3-D printing and is expected to be one of the top industries in driving growth of the 3-D printing market over the next decade.

Boston-based Luxe Research estimates that today’s $777 million 3-D printing market will Continue reading

Why It Stinks To Be a Healthcare Entrepreneur

This the title [paraphrased] of a keynote given last week by Jonathon Bush, the CEO of AthenaHealth, at the Xconomy Mobile Madness conference in Cambridge, Ma. What follows are my notes from the speech. The ideas are Jonathon’s. I really like what he’s saying and mostly agree, and he puts it very well.

Jonathan Bush, CEO of AthenaHealth. Photo via

AthenaHealth’s base business is medical practice billing in the cloud. Continue reading

Telemedicine: Healthcare That’s Virtually There

While nothing can take the place of a physician’s reassuring bedside manner, telemedicine may offer the next best thing.

Thanks to high-definition video conferencing, fast network connections and the rising costs of hospital and patient visits, Continue reading

Overprescribed Antibiotics Lead to Incurable Gonorrhea

Big Pharma foul-up creates super disease

Let’s face it — we couldn’t possibly have a discussion on overprescribed medications without mentioning Big Pharma’s billion-dollar cash cow, antibiotics. Continue reading

Telemedicine: A Force That Can Deliver Healthcare across the Nation?

Without our health, we are all extremely limited to what we can achieve in life.  I’m a strong believer of this motto.  Health is a fundamental aspect of every person’s life and makes the discussion of healthcare and the delivery of health services that much more important for all Americans.  As we continue to move into a digital economy – Continue reading

America most Overmedicated Country

overmedicatedLet me get the bad news out of the way first. America is the single-most overmedicated country on the face of the planet — and it’s not even a close contest.

Right now, Continue reading

Study: 97 Percent of Children Affected by 2009 Mumps Outbreak Were Vaccinated for Condition

More evidence has emerged showing the complete failure of modern vaccines to provide any real protection against disease. A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reveals that an astounding 97 percent of children affected by a mumps outbreak that swept the Northeast back in 2009 had already been vaccinated for the condition in accordance with recommended government guidelines. Continue reading

What Country Tops the List of Healthiest Countries?

Story at-a-glance

  • Japan      ranked highest in the world for both female and male life expectancy
  • The      United States spends $2.7 trillion annually — TWICE the amount per person      as most other industrialized nations – Continue reading

California to Start Regaining Control of Prison Healthcare

Court’s overseer says 1st steps will include handing over authority to the state to staff and equip new facilities. He says full state control could occur in 2 years.

Seven years after federal courts took control of California’s prison healthcare system, citing care so poor that inmates were dying needlessly, they will start the long process Friday of turning operations back over Continue reading

Doctors Who Go Digital Provide Higher Quality Healthcare

Study says electronic health records help physicians provide better care

The use of electronic health records is linked to significantly higher quality care, according to a new study¹ by Lisa Kern and her team, from the Health Information Technology Evaluation Collaborative in the US. Their work appears online Continue reading

Big Pharma’s Profiteering Has Reached the Breaking Point: 45 percent of Americans Can No Longer Afford Prescriptions

Drug companies have gotten so greedy, and the American public so financially distressed, that nearly half of all Americans under the age of 65 who normally take prescription drugs are no longer doing so because they allegedly cannot afford it. This is according to a new report compiled by the Consumer Reports National Research Center (CRNRC), Continue reading

States Cut Medicaid Drug Benefits To Save Money

Illinois Medicaid recipients have been limited to four prescription drugs as the state becomes the latest to cap how many medicines it will cover in the state-federal health insurance program for the poor.

Doctors fear the state’s Continue reading

Why Telemedicine Must Become a Healthcare Priority in America

hospitalA snapshot of the current state of America’s health landscape from the Centers for Disease Control Health Disparities and Inequalities Report paints a very bleak picture. The report indicates that Continue reading

States Saying No to ‘Obamacare’ Could See Downside

For Gov. Rick Perry, saying “no” to the federal health care law could also mean turning away up to 1.3 million Texans, nearly half the uninsured people who could be newly eligible for coverage in his state.

Gov. Chris Christie not only would be saying “no” to President Barack Obama, but to as many as 245,000 uninsured New Jersey residents as well. Continue reading

Alternative Media Blows the Lid on Big Pharma’s Massive Bribery Network

Two of the most influential alternative media organizations on the ‘net — and — have blown the lid wide open on Big Pharma’s massive bribery network. Through exclusive interviews with pharma insiders, InfoWars and NaturalNews have done what the mainstream media refuses to do: grant a platform to credible whistleblowers who are exposing the systematic, criminal Big Pharma bribing of doctors who willingly accept kickbacks to write prescriptions for high-profit pharmaceuticals.

These revelations are surfacing on the heels of the drug industry’s largest settlement Continue reading