Tracking TBI – How the NFL Wants A Piece of the Action

The Army is putting sensors into soldier helmets to measure the impact of concussive events. The information gathered can further the Army’s understanding of traumatic brain injury. Now, the National Football League wants to do the same thing with the helmets of football players. (Photo provided by PEO Solider) Continue reading

Extreme Heat Related Injuries Can Be Prevented

Dr. Pat Crocker knows better than most that it’s dangerously hot in Central Texas these days.

“We are in an exceptionally hot period — a 100-year drought with 106-, 107-degree days. So we’re at a higher risk for heat injuries, and it just makes sense for people to be extra careful,” said Crocker, chief of emergency medicine at Dell Children’s Medical Center.

That includes the high school football players and coaches found on sweltering, sun-baked fields.

In protecting young athletes from heat-related illnesses, Crocker said, “there are a number of things that have clear value because most, if not all, exertion-related heat injuries are preventable. Continue reading