Ten Ways Hot Peppers Help you Be Healthy and Lose Weight

Hot peppers are now at the medical community’s center of attention due to its promising benefits to the overall health and weight loss process, thanks to its natural compound called capsaicin. This substance works in so many different ways that can guarantee faster shedding of fat without compromising safety. Below are the 10 benefits of capsaicin for healthier weight loss. Continue reading

Six Ways Walnuts Help You Stay Healthy

All nuts are good for you, but walnuts are superior to all the others when it comes to optimum nutrition. They are immensely healthy, brimming with “good” fats, and other substances proven to fight health problems. Here is a look at six great reasons why you might sprinkle some walnuts over your next salad.

1. They Fight High Cholesterol Continue reading

Top Seven Chinese Remedies to Help You Shed Some Pounds

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most ancient systems of natural medicine around. It would be considered “alternative health” if it didn’t predate our modern medical system by many millennia. We turn to it here for its top-seven remedies for fighting the battle of the bulge: Continue reading