Launch of Third Edition – Hydrogen Medicine

Launch of Third Edition – Hydrogen Medicine

This third edition of Hydrogen Medicine will explore hydrogen gas, hydrogen water, oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Combining these gases will usher in a new age of medicine where the impossible becomes possible. The only other place all this information comes together is in my 100 lesson cancer course.

Expect every protocol to perform better when the levels of these primordial gasses are optimized. Looking for the fountain of youth (anti-aging medicines), we find nothing as powerful as these gases when used intelligently together. Everything done in ICU and emergency departments are safer when these gases are employed. Continue reading

5G Didn’t Cause the Coronavirus Pandemic But It Probably Made it Worse


There are many frightening aspects to the pandemic but none speaks of more trouble than the synchronic occurrence of a new virus and the rapid installation of 5G. One could even stretch the imagine and see the virus running cover for 5G. Continue reading