Modern Medicine is a Hostage Racket

What sounded good, at least to health officials, did not work out in practice. Worse is that they hurt the world in a way it has never been harmed by human actions before. Not happy to massacre millions, over the decades, with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, the medical establishment decided, like in cold-blooded premeditative murder (decades of planning), to unleash the worst and most medically ignorant medical response to CORVID-19 as possible.

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Choices in Cancer Treatment

The world of patients is currently divided into two camps. There are those who do not doubt their doctors and their government and embrace CT scans, biopsies, chemo and radiation therapy, though of course they are scared to death, as they should be, of these very aggressive, toxic treatments that cause a host of severe side effects including death. And then there are others who do not trust the mainstream of medicine and seek out alternative more natural ways of dealing with their cancer. Continue reading