Chinese Tonic Herbs

– Chinese tonic herbs are  useful for improving and tonifying your well being. If you are feeling tired and fatigued most of the time, then there is something that needs to be fine tuned with your immune system. Low energy in the body is attributed to insufficient flow of energy in your system. Chinese tonic herbs help you to improve your immune system dramatically .

Alternative medicine has been used for thousands of years to ward off illness. There are numerous herbs in the Chinese medicine and several of them are superior tonic herbs. Chinese tonic herbs in particular are used to improve overall immunity. These herbs maintain the flow of Yin and Yang in the body, thus ensuring that your life system is completely balanced.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the superior tonic herbs are called as the rulers. These herbs deal with balance of Chi, Jing, Yin, Yang, Shen, heat, moisture and blood in the body. This way, maintenance of life is improved by these herbs. Chinese tonic herbs are not meant to treat any disease or disorder. If you are suffering from several common problems like sore knees, low sexual energy, blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, general weakness and others, you can use the herbal extracts to improve your bodily functions.

The three essential treasures of the human body such as Chi, Jing and Shen are rejuvenated and balanced by Chinese tonic herbs.

While buying Chinese tonic herbs and herbal extracts, you have to ensure that the place where you source is providing legitimate herbs.

Astragalus extract is useful to overcome weakness. It tonifies lungs and spleen, thereby raising yang. Excretion of water and edema is supported by this herb. Those who are in dire need of abundant amount of energy can take advantage of this super herb. People who work in outdoors tend to take these herbal extracts on a larger scale as the herb develops musculature and keeps you warm. For older people, Astragalus extract is used to prevent their organs from sinking.

Reishi extract from Reishi mushroom is one of the age old Chinese tonic herbs. Emperors and empresses in the East have always preferred this herb and it is called as mushroom of immortality. Reishi extract replenishes energy in the body and it results in extending life. This herbal extract has a regulatory function on the immune system improving immunity.

Those who suffer from chronic allergies can continue to take this herb to get desired results.

Ho Shou Wu is a longevity herb that increases lifespan. It has anti-aging properties and continuous consumption of this herb will help you stay youthful. It is a blood tonic and it is a typical Yin essence tonic that replenishes body cells through kidney systems. Premature aging is effectively put to stop by this herb. Ho Shou Wu extract also works on the central nervous system leading to a calm and smooth mind.

Mucuna extract is the best herb to release human growth hormones that is essential to keep your body strong and youthful. Pituitary gland is influenced by this herb and it promotes production of hormones that enhance your lifespan. Other youth hormones are also stimulated by Mucuna extract and it results in improved libido, muscle mass and fertility. This herb effectively fights the aging process.

Cordyceps extract is the star of Chinese tonic herbs. Cordyceps is a precious an rare herb that strengthens body and mind. Primary motive force for life activities are said to be improved by this herbal extract. It rejuvenates body cells and postpones aging. Primal kidney functions, healing ability, sexual functions and respiratory functions are improved by this extract.

Continuous intake of Chinese tonic herbs will help your body develop resistance. You will find more energy for your day-to-day activities and you will also find your body adapting itself to the environment you live in more easily. Illnesses are fought effectively by the herbal extracts and there is no need to bring about a big change in your lifestyle when you take these herbs. Just follow what your medical practitioner has told and include consumption of Chinese tonic herbs everyday to see results.

Everyone knows that Chinese tonic herbs are good for health, but most of the people don’t know where to buy them. The herbal extracts must be made from pure herbs and the extracts must be available as is. You don’t want to be ripped off in the name of ancient Chinese medicine.