America’s Most Implanted Devices

The U.S. medical implant market was valued at $32.3 billion in 2010, according to global consultancy Frost & Sullivan. To find out which devices were leading the pack in terms of actual use, the team at 24/7 Wall St. dug through National Health Survey data, professional physician services, peer-reviewed journals, and SEC filings to compile a list of the eleven most implanted medical devices in America. And the results and rankings on the list may just surprise you.

The below list and information comes from 24/7 Wall St. For more details on the medical implants and the factors that established their ranking, check out the full story on the company’s Web site.

11. Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs)

10. Artificial Hips

9. Heart Pacemakers Continue reading