14 Patents in Every Fake Bite of Impossible Burger



  • Impossible Foods, which made headlines for its meatless burgers that “bleed” like real meat, holds 14 patents, with at least 100 more pending
  • Impossible Foods should be called “Impossible Patents,” according to Seth Itzkan of Soil4Climate, who suggests fake meat products are destroying the environment by perpetuating a harmful reliance on genetically engineered grains while accelerating soil loss and detracting from regenerative agriculture
  • Impossible Foods’ products are heavily processed and produced in laboratories — not grown in or found in nature
  • Impossible Foods has even taken aim at regenerative farming practices, which are promoting optimal nutrition and health while at the same time helping to prevent pollution and restore damaged ecosystems
  • Impossible Foods’ numerous patents reveal that their products are driven by profits, and perhaps the ultimate goal is to replace real meat altogether with a highly lucrative patented product

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