Benefits of Wearing Masks for Protection From Infection


  • In the Czech Republic, wearing masks in public has been required for the whole country since March 18, 2020, yet in the U.S., health officials continue to advise the public against it
  • In countries where mask wearing is “extremely normal,” such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, they have managed to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, keeping them from spiking
  • In one study, a 75% reduction in influenza-like illness was noted among university students using hand hygiene and wearing masks in residence halls
  • Researchers with Cambridge University tested common household materials for their effectiveness as masks, finding that while surgical masks were most effective, even homemade masks offer some protection and are better than no protection at all
  • The CDC is reportedly considering advising people to cover their faces when in public using do-it-yourself cloth coverings
  • Wearing homemade masks is a step that virtually everyone can take to protect not only themselves but also the communities around them

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