Introducing Psycho-biotics! Probiotics Considered an Alternative Treatment for Depression

Probiotics are anything but new. In fact, it was in 1908 that Russian scientist Élie Metchnikoff first noted that rural Europeans who consistently drank fermented milk lived longer.

Most people have now seen the word so many times in ads for yogurt, dietary aides, Continue reading

Hospital Turns to Genomic Tech to Save Newborns

One hospital in Missouri is looking to genomics technology to save newborns, according to an article in MIT Technology Review.

In one instance, using rapid DNA sequencing and analysis, doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City were able to identify the genetic mutation keeping a baby girl from eating and growing, one of two dozen critically ill infants whose genomes have been scrutinized by doctors Continue reading

Congress, FDA at Odds over Software as a Medical Device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and members of Congress are at odds over whether software should be regulated as a medical device.

Both sides of the argument were made at a hearing held Nov. 19 by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health which examined federal regulation of mobile medical apps and other health software. Continue reading

Physicians Should Return to Direct Pay System

Hear, hear to Craig Wax, DO’s thoughts. (“ACA: It’s not what the doctor (or voters) ordered,” August 25, 2013.) Government-owned healthcare only works to the point that catastrophic injuries are covered, but for the day-to-day patients that we see, it doesn’t work.

I don’t understand why physicians are slow to accept how payment Continue reading

Interactive Computer Program Helps Boost Depression Treatment

Patients who use an interactive computer program about depression before a doctor visit are significantly more likely to ask for information about the condition and receive treatment, according to a new study by the University of California-Davis, Medical News Today reports.

Details of the Study Continue reading

Telemedicine: Vast Potential, Increased Efficiency

At the U.S. News Hospital of Tomorrow conference, experts discuss the potential of telemedicine and what it means for the future.

Virtual consultations with distant specialists, high-tech monitoring without having to leave home, and less-expensive patient care options are among the many reasons that the hospital industry is embracing telehealth technologies. Continue reading

CMS Posts Groups’ Comments on Releasing Medicare Payment Data


CMS issued the request after a federal judge in May lifted a 33-year-old injunction that barred the government from giving the public access to a confidential database of Medicare insurance claims.

The court injunction stemmed from a lawsuit that the American Medical Association and the Florida Medical Association filed to prevent Continue reading

Technology Combines Array of Monitoring into Single Information Stream

Emory CCU study edges closer to predictive medicine

Doctors at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta are using health IT to combine complex streams of data collected by multiple machines used in critical care into a single report they hope will provide a comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition, Continue reading

IRS Will Have Big Issues Collecting ACA-Related Penalties

If many flout coverage mandate, it could impact hospitals

The Internal Revenue Service will likely have little recourse to obtain tax penalties from those Americans who violate the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate by not getting health insurance next year, USA Today reported. Continue reading

Internet Search Data Could Help FDA Find Harmful Drug Interactions

Internet searches could help FDA and pharmaceutical companies discover previously unknown harmful prescription drug interactions, according to researchers at Microsoft Research Labs and Stanford University, CNBC reports.

Findings by Microsoft, Stanford Researchers Continue reading

Study: Half of CDS Prescription Alert Overrides Are Inappropriate

Providers override about half of the alerts they receive when using electronic prescribing systems, according to a new study that also finds only about half of those overrides are medically appropriate. Continue reading

UCLA Telemedicine Program Helps Rebuild Wounded Warrior’s Bodies– and Lives

For the last six years, military personnel who have sustained severe facial and other injuries have had access to some of the nation’s best plastic and reconstructive surgeons while receiving ongoing care at home through telemedicine. The program, called Operation Mend, initially focused on secondary facial reconstruction of severely burned soldiers, who often must undergo dozens of surgeries. Continue reading

Biometric Tools Edge into Health Care

The term “biometrics” refers to measuring human characteristics — a central task of health care since the invention of the science.

Indeed, industry executives contend that biometrics aren’t anything new in Continue reading