Back to the Future: Ford, Sprint & KU Students Bring the House Call to the 21st Century

wellcar-sketch-232x300It’s Back to the Future, telemedicine style. The doctor with his black bag of remedies and devices knocking at your door for a house call is an old idea. But a tricked-out, high-tech ride brings a fresh, 21st century twist to that form of healthcare. Add the brains of University of Kansas students to resources and technology from Ford, Sprint and others: You get one very promising (and literal) mobile health solution for rural medicine. WellCar combines telemedicine, miniaturization and the concept of the country doctor’s house call to get underserved patient populations high-quality and timely healthcare. Continue reading

Taking Patient Care beyond Hospitals

innoThe country should leverage on the Telemedicine Blueprint 1997, an initiative by the government to employ the use of telehealth in the healthcare system, instead of looking at new facilities and systems to address the growing demand for healthcare services.

Malaysian Medical Association Continue reading

Introducing Psycho-biotics! Probiotics Considered an Alternative Treatment for Depression

probioProbiotics are anything but new. In fact, it was in 1908 that Russian scientist Élie Metchnikoff first noted that rural Europeans who consistently drank fermented milk lived longer.

Most people have now seen the word so many times in ads for yogurt, dietary aides, Continue reading

Med Giants to Collaborate on Data-Sharing Venture

Case Western University, the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals will begin sharing clinical data in the hopes of improving patient care. Crain’s Cleveland Businessreports that the collaboration–called the Institute of Computational Biology–will be tasked with developing a technological infrastructure that will allow the three institutions to use clinical data Continue reading

DNA Links to Skin Diseases Found in EMR Data

Data contained in electronic medical records can help link genetic variants to previously unknown relationships with disease, according to research published at Nature Biotechnology.

Vanderbilt University researchers found links between DNA variants and skin diseases by surveying 13,000 EMRs. Continue reading

Support Growing for a Telemedicine Revolution in Home Care

Norwood House care home where telemedicine is being piloted

Imagine seeing your GP looking back at you from this very screen. Well, it turns out, this is no longer a far-fetched scenario, Continue reading

Grant Helps UC Davis Expand Telemedicine Newborn Care

The University of California Davis Children’s Hospital of Sacramento has been awarded a grant of approximately $750,000 over three years to expand telehealth services for newborns in rural areas and to study the impact of the program. Continue reading

NIGCOMSAT Ready to Provide Tele-medicine

The Nigerian Communication Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT) is ready to provide tele-medicine services to improve the health status of Nigerians.

The agency said in its bulletin in Abuja that the service would make healthcare available to the citizens and Continue reading


Recently, Congressmen Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and Frank Pallone, D-N.J., introduced the federal “Telemedicine for Medicare Act of 2013” (HR 3077) that would improve seniors’ access to care by permitting certain Medicare providers licensed in one state to provide Medicare services via telemedicine to beneficiaries located in a different state. Continue reading

Hospital Turns to Genomic Tech to Save Newborns

One hospital in Missouri is looking to genomics technology to save newborns, according to an article in MIT Technology Review.

In one instance, using rapid DNA sequencing and analysis, doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City were able to identify the genetic mutation keeping a baby girl from eating and growing, one of two dozen critically ill infants whose genomes have been scrutinized by doctors Continue reading

Congress, FDA at Odds over Software as a Medical Device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and members of Congress are at odds over whether software should be regulated as a medical device.

Both sides of the argument were made at a hearing held Nov. 19 by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health which examined federal regulation of mobile medical apps and other health software. Continue reading

Physicians Should Return to Direct Pay System

Hear, hear to Craig Wax, DO’s thoughts. (“ACA: It’s not what the doctor (or voters) ordered,” August 25, 2013.) Government-owned healthcare only works to the point that catastrophic injuries are covered, but for the day-to-day patients that we see, it doesn’t work.

I don’t understand why physicians are slow to accept how payment Continue reading

Korean Government Planning to Develop, Export Telemedicine Technologies

The Korean government is moving ahead with the commercialization of telemedicine systems using information technology and gene information, in spite of opposition from health workers. 

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced its New Healthcare Market Creation Strategies on Continue reading

Charting the Course of Telemedicine: An International Perspective

Driven by the broad availability of mobile devices and health apps of all kinds, telemedicine is taking the center stage as a game changer when it comes to patient engagement, care coordination and extending the reach of care. The fast-growing trend has gained a lot of interest from provider organizations Continue reading