A New Way to Help Diabetics Deal with the Pain

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are “acupoints” that are used in acupuncture to help treat an ailing body. These acupoints are the target of an effective therapy that has been found to help diabetics Continue reading

The Key to Stronger Leg Muscles

As we grow older, it’s no secret that our muscles seem to lose some of their strength. This can be a little problematic when it comes to our legs. Leg muscles help to keep us on our feet and moving about in the world doing the things we like to do. Is there a way you can safeguard some of your length strength as you age, instead of letting it drain away and set you up for potential falls and disability? According to researchers at the University of New Hampshire, leg strength may be directly related to body weight.

The purpose of the researchers’ study was to determine if excess fat negatively affects strength and walking gait performance in overweight, older women. Twenty-five older women (65-80 years old) were separated into normal weight and overweight groups. Strength of the knee extensors and flexors and ankle flexors was measured during various tests.

The research team found that, relative to mass, overweight older women had a 38% lower knee torque than normal weight women. Walking speed was slower in overweight women and was related to strength and fat mass. Overweight participants also had an11% lower vertical ground reaction force relative to mass, an eight percent slower stride rate, 12% shorter strides, and 13% longer foot-ground contact times. The research team concluded that overweight, older women showed altered gait and reduced walking performance related to poor relative strength of lower-extremity muscles.

The researchers summarized their study Continue reading