Relieve Arthritic Pain with Mind Exercises

Dr Roger Newport, from the University of Nottingham, explains how the optical illusion works on arthritic suffer Pam Tegerdine

A chance discovery by academics in Nottingham has found that a simple optical illusion could unlock a drug-free treatment for arthritis.

The computer-generated mind trick has been tested on a small sample of sufferers and found that in 85 per cent of cases it halved their pain.

Research is still in the early stages, but initial results suggest the technology, called Mirage, could help patients improve mobility in their hands by reducing the amount of pain they experience.

For the illusion to work patients place their hand inside a box containing a camera, which then projects the image in real-time onto a screen in front of them. Continue reading

Supercharge Your Memory with these 5 Mind Tricks

Can’t remember where you left your car keys? Next time, try doing something weird, like kicking the table you set them on and you might have an easier time recalling where they are. A new study published in the journal Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition found that older adults who had a hard time remembering whether they took their daily medication had an easier time of it if they did something odd, such as patting their heads while swallowing the pill, or taking their medicine while sitting in an awkward position.

Despite assumptions that memory capabilities diminish as we age, it’s actually difficult for anyone to remember more than a few things at a time. Back in 1956, a psychologist named George Miller found that people have a hard time remembering more than seven things at once. Anyone who’s been introduced to 20 people at a party and doesn’t remember a single name will probably agree. Continue reading