5 Amazing Properties of Sunlight You’ve Never Heard About

Sunlight is well-known to provide us vitamin D, but did you know that it kills pain, keeps us alert at night, burns fat and more…

Our biological connection and dependence to the sun is so profound, that the very variation in human skin color from African, Continue reading

7 Surprising Things you’re not supposed to Know about Sunscreen and Sunlight Exposure

Ask somebody about sunscreen and you’re likely to receive an earful of disinformation from a person who has been repeatedly misinformed by health authorities and the mainstream media. Almost nothing you hear about sunscreen from traditional media channels is accurate. So here’s a quick guide to the 7 most important things you need to know about sunscreen, sunlight and vitamin D: Continue reading

Want a Natural Sunscreen? Try this Homemade Recipe

Natural sunscreen is a gentle and effective method of protecting the skin from sun damage. While commercial products often offer extreme protection, they may cause irritation in some individuals. If sensitive skin is an issue or you just prefer a more natural approach, try a natural sunscreen recipe before you hit the beach next time.


Green tea leaves, which can be purchased at local natural health stores, are required for this natural sunscreen recipe. You also may use green tea bags, which can be found in your local supermarket. Sesame oil, beeswax, powdered benzoin and aloe vera gel are also needed. Sesame oil can be purchased from the grocery store, while beeswax, benzoin and aloe gel are found in natural health stores or ordered online. Additional required equipment includes a double boiler,  Continue reading