Cancer Patients Get Rare Blood Infection After Nurse Dilutes Opioids with Tap Water

Half a dozen cancer patients in New York developed a rare infection after they received injectable opioids that a nurse had diluted with tap water, according to a new report. Continue reading

Robots Are Coming to the ER

A group of computer engineers at Vanderbilt University is convinced that the basic technology is now available to create robot assistants that can perform effectively in the often-chaotic environment of the emergency room. The specialists in emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are enthusiastic about the potential advantages. So, the two groups have formed an interdisciplinary team to explore the use of robotics in this critical and challenging setting.

Team member Mitch Wilkes, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, presented an overview of the group’s thinking on Monday, Dec. 6, in a paper titled, “Heterogeneous Artificial Agents for Triage Nurse Assistance,” at the Humanoids 2010 conference held in Nashville.

The paper proposes a system of cognitive robots  Continue reading

Telemedicine Introduced in Berrien School System

Miles away, a physician’s assistant hears a sound in a student’s chest. Based on the catch in the student’s breathing, the physician’s assistant diagnoses asthmatic bronchitis.

The student has never left the school. The physician’s assistance has never left her office in another South Georgia city. The school nurse has information for the child’s parents, who never had to miss a minute of work to take their child to the doctor.

This situation illustrates just one case in the Berrien School System’s pilot participation in a telemed program. But it underscores what one day may be the new way in which children throughout Georgia and the United States visit the school nurse and the doctor.

Through computer technology, Berrien County Elementary School’s The Med Clinic allows students to see a doctor while at school, and for a doctor to see the child without ever leaving the physician’s offices.

Berrien County is the only Georgia school system with a school-based clinic outside of two participating systems in Atlanta. Berrien is the only system in the state with telemedicine capabilities, according to coordinators.

Matt Jansen,  Continue reading