Bone Broth: The “Soul Food” Perfect for Sick Pets Who Won’t or Can’t Eat

Story at-a-glance

In this video, filmed in Dr. Becker’s kitchen at home, she demonstrates how she makes bone broth for her pets. Bone broth is an excellent source of nourishment for animals recovering from illness, finicky eaters, and senior pets with diminished appetites. Continue reading

Fortify yourself this winter with Nature’s Medicine Chest

Cold and flu season is almost upon us. Before it’s too late, strengthen defenses naturally with herbal, dietary and lifestyle tips. If a bug does manage to settle in, use a few of the following suggestions to lessen symptoms and severity — helping you to get back on your feet fast.

Diet for a strong immune system

Sugar. Quite literally the scourge of health. Macrophages (a type of white blood cell) Continue reading


With an increase in consumer health awareness comes an increase in unfamiliar or poorly defined terminology relating to healthy aspects of food.  We have probably all heard of “free range” and “organic” chicken, but what exactly do those terms refer to specifically?  To answer that question, let us first examine how chickens are farmed commercially.

How Chickens Farms Operate

Currently, traditional techniques used to raise poultry for meat and eggs focuses on intensive farming practices.  Although this technique produces a greater quantity of product  Continue reading