Foods That Fight the Common Cold

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Since colds are viral in nature, antibiotics are completely useless and should be avoided, unless your physician diagnoses a serious secondary bacterial infection Continue reading

The Nine Foods Most Contaminated by Pesticides

In 1991, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) began a program to collect data on pesticide residues in food. In May of that same year, the USDA began operating the Pesticide Data Program (PDA). The data from the PDA is published in an annual summary. This health e-letter is going to reveal the top nine foods in that summary deemed to be highest in pesticide residues.

Why worry about pesticides? They are considered hormone disrupters and, as such, can play havoc with your endocrine system. Pesticides can potentially cause cancer cells to grow and interfere with your cognitive and sexual functions. The best health advice would seem to be to avoid pesticide exposure as much as possible. On that note, here is a list of nine foods on the USDA’s black list for pesticide residues.

1. Celery clocks in at number one. Celery has no protective skin, so pesticides settle on the vegetable and in turn are directly ingested by you.

2. Peaches have a relatively thin skin and, according to the report, are often sprayed with multiple pesticides.

3. Strawberries are only in season for a short period of time in North America. The rest of the year, they are imported from countries Continue reading

The Little Piggies Are Back

Oh, I always knew I had feet.  I remember as a kid running and using them.  They always seem to be going in my direction, but my issue was I could not actually see them.  Well, I did see them occasionally popping up in front of me, slightly within my line of sight, and somewhere below me.

An undiscovered explorer once said, “Sight is best when you can see.”  The reason I had no sight of my feet was a bellow like protuberance riding before me on my chest, and blocking the sight of the earth under me and directly in front of me.  This distention of skin contained a 60-pound larder of epicurean delights: dozens of mousse au chocolat, numerous terrine de canard,   abundant pastries, gobs of Danish butter and copious loaves of succulent breads.  A well feted larder of grand proportions.

The larder remained near me at all times.  Continue reading

Stay Healthy by Growing your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables guarantees the freshest, best-tasting nutrient-rich food. Tending your organic garden also offers a very personal and spiritual experience.

One of the best ways to stay healthy year-round is to eat in the season thereof. This simply means that when certain foods are in season, you eat as much of them as you can and preserve the excess by canning, dehydrating and freezing.

Have you ever noticed that you crave seasonal fruits and vegetables? That is because our bodies need the nutrients we get from the different foods that are grown in those seasons.

If you don’t grow a garden, you can shop  Continue reading