When a Child with Autism Refuses Most Foods

Case report suggests vitamin deficiencies, serious health problems can follow

The life-threatening health problems that a 9-year-old boy with autismfaced recently shed light on an issue that is rarely discussed.

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Mind Body Therapies Being Prescribed More Frequently by Doctors

Instead of pills or surgery, Loren Fishman, MD often prescribes yoga maneuvers for patients with back pain, shoulder injuries, and other orthopedic disorders. Twice a week, he dons gym shorts and personally teaches therapeutic poses to his patients. “Frequently, yoga can help patients reduce or stop medications,” says Dr. Fishman, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist who teaches at Columbia Medical School in New York City. Recently, this therapy helped one of his patients, a 40-year-old photographer with a painful rotator cuff tear, avoid a $12,000 surgery.

38 percent of US adults use some form of complementary or alternative medicine—and the number is climbing, largely due to a boom in such mind-body therapies (MBT)  Continue reading