“Palming” Your Way to Health

Here’s something we can all do for relaxation and improving vision. It’s free and it’s effective. It’s called palming and it is a health secret that dates back to 1919.

That year, a doctor named William Bates developed this method to relieve strain on the eyes and promote relaxation. Dr. Bates was an ophthalmologist who approached eye care differently than most. He focused on eye exercises and relaxation to improve vision. And, for many, this has led to weaker prescriptions.

One of his methods is palming. Originally, this was a yoga move, but Bates noticed how it helped with eyesight, so he appropriated it to his system of improving vision and relaxing. Palming calms the visual system, according to Bates. When all is dark, with no light entering the eyes, we expect to see nothing. But in eyes that are even mildly weakened, there are swirling bits of color creating images instead of darkness. This is eyestrain.

To “palm,” rub your hands together and then cover your closed eyes with the palms of your hands. This plays off a normal human instinct, and it promotes extreme relaxation. But what most of us don’t know, Continue reading